My Treasure Island

ranch 1_08006#E635Present Point
* Swedish massage therapist–23 years… Cypruss Health Institute Massage School, Santa Cruz CA.
A feel-good massage that works with muscles and connective tissues.
Massage for me was the beginning of a path, and like all well-worn paths… They change.

* Reiki Master Teacher–10 years, Reiki Master–25 years… Master Teacher Robin Johnson, Plymouth NH.
Hands on, long distance, or classes. This ancient healing art can either heal the physical body, or bring about mental and or emotional balance. $75 session.
My Reiki Classes are $120 per level. (Long distance healing)

* The nine rights of the Munay-Ki–11 years… Corrie and Oliver Cooperman, Red Lodge MT.
This awakens the light-body [the aura and chakra system]. Connects me to the Celestial Masters of Planetary Balance.
From an awakened light-body, one can tap into many metaphysical realms, and do amazing work.
I can teach for only $75 for the entire class.

Gifted Cove  “from the many incarnations of sacred teachings”… And a lifetime of practice.

* Psychic Surgery / Energy Healing… through the clairvoyant eye, Christopher looks into the energy body/light body and Auric fields, this is a method of removing disorder from a person’s light body by removing emotional spears, daggers, and unlocking old emotional blocks created by emotional distress of others. This method of psychic surgery is also a form of aura cleansing, which brightens and strengthens and seals the Aura from all energy leaks, that happen due to any type of daily stress. Restoring the Auric field and light body back to it’s place of balance in all it’s glory. $75 hr. (This can be done long distance.)

* Aura balance and cleansing, The Auric fields are the subtle energies around every human body. We use these fields of energy to navigate and exchange information between us. During times of stress whether emotional or physical; these fields of energy around us start to get damaged. Holes start appearing in the field which cause us to lose energy. The act of Aura Cleansing is a form of psychic surgery, which brightens and strengthens and seals these energy leaks that happen due to any type of daily stress, and restores the Auric field back to it’s place of balance in all it’s forms. $45 (This can be done long distance.)

* Polarity Balancing, when one has been through physical/emotional trauma, with hands-on healing I place each hand on one location, and in quiet meditation Christopher can bring ones body back to balanced polarity, and a state of natural healing. Within 5 minutes. $35

* Relationship consultant… Christopher teaches Boundaries and Personal Power through empowerment, that brings about clarity, balance, trust in relationships. Christopher will bring to light the dysfunctional behaviors of the ego, then by reprogramming through boundaries, he helps you define your relationship and find your personal power. By doing this you will develop a deeper clarity and respect for yourself, and the relationships you are in, and how to navigate any situation that you are faced with. $75 hr.
* Sexual Healer… sensual non-sexual massage, moving and the release of stuck energy. $75 hr.

* Intuitively assemble and activate Energy [medicine] Wheels… refer to my page in the menu bar “Energy Wheels“, for further description. ( Long distance activation)

* House clearing, and or raising the vibration of one’s personal environment… refer to the page “House Clearing” under the list of Pages for more description.

* Moving a spring, or anything liquid.

Blessed Beach

Reading Crystals, just by holding a crystal I can tune in and see the Earth’s history stored within it. Earth’s history or even human history. All history is stored in frequency within an environment, whether it’s a place in the landscape, a stone, or in a home. Not all history is fun, some of earth’s history can be very traumatic. Wouldn’t you like to know what kind of stories are in your crystals?

I’ve developed a very unique talent of channeling energy behind my knees… this blesses the Earth’s core and works to balance ozone.

I have very strong telepathy and empathic abilities.

I have claircognizance; the ability to receive intuitive ideas… Inventions.

I have the ability to blow life into an inanimate object, like the lasting service of an automobile, or…

I have strong intuition and keen instincts for knowing where to place people in a business. Where they can be most happy and therefore most productive.

I’m a Documentor, one of the few gate keepers of time. Very often I’d come to earth during a time of Great change, where much is going to take place, and I want to be a documentor of it. Inside all of my cellular tissue is documentation of these prominent times. I’ve been told that soon there will be a device, where I will put a drop of blood on a slide, and it will show the actual history.

Sacred Mountain

I’m a Traditional Weather Worker, I’m able to change and move weather. To which I’m 95% accurate.
Source Energy is the center hub for any and all creation in this physical realm. Technique of changing weather is unique to the practitioner, what creates strength in application is connection to Spirit, because it’s a co-creation. (Long distance)

I channel the spiritual guardian White Eagle.
I channel through writing, and I channel through verbal conversation when helping someone to come to clarity. It’s not quite like the average reading, where you sit there and they tell you all about your wonderful self. My channel comes through discussion.

Mirror mirror on the wall; manifesting a gift of abundance.
Choose, intend and allow. While using the art of discernment.

The marriage of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine embodied by the trust of Spirit.

For those who are confused about their death, I am able to assist in their crossing into the light. [At this point in time, I choose to be present when assisting, not at long distance.]
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Personal Notes:
I’m an Earth Healer; “earth environments”, personal environments, so therefor I work with or interact with nature spirits, faeries, angels, rain dancers and thunder beings, elementals [earth, air, fire, and water], celestial beings [masters of planetary balance], and spiritual master teachers [channeling].
I’m drawn to clearing trauma and unbalanced influences from landscapes and personal spaces, and bringing health and healing to the animals and wildlife of those environments.
I have a well developed emotional body, which grants me clarity into the emotional environments of relationships. I am selective in guiding “willing” people in restoring trust and finding an awareness of balance in their relationships. Healing environments is my talent, and my love is expressed by healing the environment people are in.

* There are spiritual laws as there are physical laws, and there are countless ways in which we can move within this framework.

  • Long distance form of healing does not require a face to face or over the phone meeting. This is long distance healing with no talking. I can report back to you of things I may have encountered along the way. However for the most part, I’m not looking at “why” things are out of balance, I am very focused on restoring the balance.
    I work best in the morning, before the day’s accumulations build up.
    This session also includes Reiki as a form to slow and quiet your mental and emotional fields; it quiets the inner chatter and lets the healing in more easily.

*** It’s one thing to have these gifts tucked away in the corner of my private life, and a complete other being in the public eye. I find it all to be a truly empowering experience.
There is still so much more tucked away in that closet, perhaps one day I will sort it all out, and have the courage to share.

“So, you’ve picked the lock and opened my treasure chest. What do you find valuable”?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ishaiya
    Apr 20, 2013 @ 16:48:45

    Beautiful place in the photo Chris, and I’m reading the messages in it loud and clear. Thank you for your inspirational words and for leading me here.



    Sep 09, 2013 @ 06:38:39

    Wow!!! I guess you do see what you see… 😉 😀 I hope I get a chance to hear, one day, what you see. …

    You have a very extensive spiritual-mystical background. That’s so beautiful! And special – you are of great service to Earth. I love seeing that. And i loveeeee the photo!!! It looks like something out of a dream.

    Have a blessed week! {{{hugs}}}



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