My Emergency Thank You’s

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I am honored and blessed by all those who gave generously to my Gofundme account, it gave me access to opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I am SO grateful!
The intense nerve pain pushed me to seek help in the area of alternative healing, because conventional medicine was taking it’s time, where a neurosurgeon could only see me in 2 months too which I am still in line, and when that level of pain keeps you awake for 2 days out of every 4.
I came across Richard Bartlet and his work with Matrix Energetics. One session with him cut my pain by 70%, and for me that is Huge! And from this I am very sure I will not have to have surgery 🙂 I will be closing the Gofundme account by the end of Aug.

My deep gratitude and blessings to you all.


Passing On The Messege

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I Am St. Germain.
As always I, and we, all of us that are mentoring to you at this time, are overjoyed to be able to be with you to be able to share, to experience, to help you to grow. Just as we were helped at various times just as I was helped.

These moments that you are in now, what you have called, what many have called “the calm before the storm.” Well the calm is lifting now and the storm is approaching as has been heralded long ago that this would occur. It’s been predicted by many that you would enter this time of a calm, a peace, before the storm begins to rage. You are right now approaching that storm … or that storm is approaching you.

It is almost as if, and we have said many times in many ways, ‘fasten your seat belts’. To take a quote from that movie The Matrix, you’d better fasten your seat belts Dorothy because Kansas is about to go bye-bye. What does that mean? It means that Kansas is the familiar in your lives. That comfort zone that you have come to understand. All that you have known in your lives is about to change within that shifting process even now. You are all going through this shift, this transition. This transition that is taking you toward your ascension; both individual and your collective ascension.
It has been said that you, those of you, the light workers, the warriors, certainly the ones within this group, you are being prepared to be in that first wave of ascension. You’re learning to acclimate to the energies.

You are understanding what is happening in the world. But from an understanding, not of the three-dimensional illusionary understanding, but from a higher level of understanding. A higher revealing, you might say. You are seeing it for what it is … seeing the world for what it is, not only how it appears. As you are preparing for this first wave of ascension, many of you will go through that wave, be a part of that wave and then you will turn around after a certain period of time, after you have acclimated to those much higher energies. You will then turn around and assist your fellow man in moving through the second wave. You will mentor to that second wave just as we are mentoring to you now. As those in the second wave pass through, they will turn and come back and assist those in the third wave. This is how this ascension process will both begin and complete.

You are all to be a part of this in one way or another. Some seemingly greater parts and some which would seem to be smaller parts. But as we have said many times there is no greater or smaller part of this. Just as there is no greater or smaller of those of us, the Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven. We are all One. We all have our positions, our responsibilities. No one is higher than anyone else. Can you imagine a world like that? No one is in control of another. You are all there to keep the control amongst all of you.
When all is in perfect balance you will know you have arrived at the threshold.

This is what this transition is all about now: bringing the balance. Bringing the understanding foreword, the revealings forward, the truth, so all may be set free. Find it within your selves now, each and every one of you.
Go forward to share, to experience, to love. Allow yourselves to be loved as well as to love others
I AM St. Germain and I leave you now with the Violet Flame to continue to purge out all the old negative programming within you so that it may be replaced by, not the new programming: the new understandings, the new revealings, that are coming forward. ♦️

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Channeled through James McConnell —

Some of you may know this “storm” as the solar flair predicted to arrive in 8 to 10 years from now (2018), as spoken of on Gaia, a conscious media
This solar flair will shift our entire solar system from the frequency of the 3rd dimension, and into the 4th.

Go in peace…

My Emergency


The truth of why I haven’t written a lot in these last couple of years is that I’ve been in pain, my cancer experience as a child has caught up to me. During that experience they took a piece of my backbone out, which set in motion the action of scoliosis. Now the pain that I’ve been dealing with for the last eight years has been the pinching of nerves, as 2 or 3 of my vertebra are collapsing. This pain has been slowly progressing. I had an episode just a week ago that was over-the-top-insanely painful, and provoked me in the seeking of urgent medical help.
I do have some basic medical insurance, however I’m also seeking help from those willing and able to donate generously… Large or small makes all the difference in this world. I am truly blessed and honored by you all, whether it’s a financial donation or words of kindness.

From my loving heart to yours…

Know Your Limitations

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The solar flairs that we’re having are helping to accelerate the vibrational frequency of our Earth and solar system, and in so doing it’s pulling us along with it. The one thing that elevates our awareness more than anything, is fine tuning our ability for emotional navigation. So as our vibrational frequency rises, we find ourselves be bombarded by emotional issues, and from this we see nearly everyone as being in reactionary mode. We see this evidence of our need for personal space in the greater distance between cars in a line-less parking lot or on a winter’s day.
This is a great time to be intuitively acute to one’s emotional boundaries, and to remove ourselves from situations so we aren’t overloading our emotions. Know your limitations. Take a day off for your own emotional healing, a few hours at least, of time without responsibility. (children are the exception) Or a little bit every day. For this is that intense time we warned about, and the opportunity for life affirming moments.
Go in peace.

Life’s Obstacle Course


When it comes to emotional navigation, those who tend to be angry most of the time are getting angrier, and those that want peace are getting better at navigating their happiness. Anger is an emotion that paints itself in a corner, in which it can’t see out. There’s no compromise or discussion about change, because they can’t separate out the difference between who they are, and their behavior.
When dealing with someone who is expressing anger, we have to remember that everything that comes out of them is all about them, and everything that comes out of us is all about us. And the second most important thing is after such an encounter, to process this experience out of our field completely, and as soon as possible. So it doesn’t run our lives; it isn’t what makes those life decisions for us.
If you live with someone who loves the expressions of anger, and you don’t. You need to carefully reconsider why you’re in this relationship. The polarity in this world between love and fear is becoming more abundantly clear. Some of these angry people are in the mode of self-destruction, this is something they can’t see past, and it may not be such a wise choice to be standing next to them when they do.
Our spiritual love and compassion for them gives us the insight to see that when they are at their worst, they are with God, and that there is no guilt or shame in having the need to step out of their environment to protect ourselves.

For those of us who are sensitive to the world of aggression, need to stay focused with our own immediate environments, and the quality there of. Stay out of discussions with aggressive people, unless you want to be in harms way. Keep your friends close to you, share your deepest feelings in those safe environments.

This aggressive world is how it’s going to be for a while, there’s nothing we can do to change it now, it has to play itself out. Our solar system is accelerating from the 3rd, through the 4th dimension and into the 5th vibrational dimension, which is vibrationally the beginning of the Angelic Realm. So all this low dense aggression won’t be able to exist in those higher fields of expression, it will either transform or die. To help us from being effected by it, we will have to manage our own immediate environments; follow our own happiness. This is a personal journey (less confrontation with others, and more follow through on your own best ideas-from yourself for yourself-happiness).

Know that all TVs, cell phones, laptops… All devices have cameras and microphones that are recording and cataloging… Spying on everything about our daily lives. I gave up my cell phone and went back to a landline, and I built a cabinet for my TV. So when it’s not in use, I close the cabinet, and it becomes a sound proof box. (Please watch what you say in front of your TV, for it is listening) If you can remotely turn on and off something, so can someone else. So when we walk in this world with eyes wide open, we will be less surprised by the shenanigans of others, by guarding the sanctuary of our happiness.

Go in peace.

Undeniable Truth


Deep in my meditation an undeniable truth comes forward: throughout all the challenges this life is producing: “we are curled up in the lap of God, while having an earth bound dream of the human experience“.


Crack in the Wall

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I spent a good portion of my life trying to help friends into the light, that I forgot that it was I who just needed to act on my own advice.
When we hang out with those still stumbling in the dark, we too become angered by the lack of movement forward, and I spent a lot of time in this space until I decided enough was enough. The moment I surrounded myself with those who lived the action of movement, this crack in the wall allowed me to see God once again, “a memory of returning home”. We see God in things like nature because it’s not standing still; nature is life in layers constantly in the process of becoming. Anger is the one thing that holds us back from becoming, the one moment that’s standing still.
War is the same no matter what year it is, what makes it different is how we choose to express our differences with each other, do we continue to kill or do we learn to compromise. From compromise we discover the rich beauty in the uniqueness we each carry, that is added to the table of life’s feast; the ingredients of architecture within culture, art, food, knowledge… Setting boundaries of participation creates room to breathe; out of Ego and into Spirit. One of God’s favorite miracles is “that” movement of us changing our minds, enough so to profoundly effect our lives in a positive way from that moment forward.
First we go through this process within ourselves, then in our relations, and last with the world at large.
Movement that creates real trustworthy change comes from that spark of our inner joy, and sometimes what gives us the space to explore this joy is to remove ourselves from those still stumbling in the dark; an act of self-love. I can better see God in myself when I am moving forward, even though our humanness loves that consistency of routine.


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