Faster and Faster

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Have you noticed the world is moving faster and faster, people driving faster, and where everything has to happen here and now? This is all a reaction to the vibrational frequencies that are rising because of the sun’s solar flairs, simply because our sun is changing it’s frequency, and therefore the whole solar system which includes us. These flairs are squeezing our personal issues into the forefront of our awareness, and insisting we deal with them. Recognizing that when an issue comes forward, all that needs to be accomplished is to overcome it simply by forgiving it. And if “I feel” upset by something, it is All mine to work through.
When we take the time to meditate, and remain grounded then we’re able to act from this inner sense of well being that has us slow down. Any time when we step into god space, or choose to look at the brighter side we raise above the battle field of earthly shenanigans. Then from there life slows down, and all of a sudden we have space to breathe. Sometimes this means setting boundaries so we have this space in our daily lives.
Life’s routine needs this intervention to break up the stale energy that comes with fear and dread. The faster we catch ourselves, and shift forward into love and gratitude the softer the edges become, and the freedom to allow the fast world to move around us.




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When we are using labels in judgement of others: as in political expressions, or… We are expressing gross separation in lack, the extreme opposite of empowered abundance, and the way to heal this is the action and discipline of self-love. Anger and judgement creates separation from the balance of what self-love provides. Self-love is the basic human need, and no one can provide this for you. This must come from your own inner private declaration for yourself.
Using labels is a way that will keep us in an angry judgement; dumb’d down, and therefor stuck in that rut and out of our personal empowerment. Which is our birth-right; a god-gift that flings open the floodgates to abundance. To have personal empowerment does NOT mean that someone else must loose in some way. Quite the opposite! Anything that creates a win-win on both sides draws in personal empowerment for both involved because it’s first acknowledged from self-love. This means that we acquire the discipline and focus to reason from a higher perception like acceptance. Where we look at our similarities instead of at our differences.
Giving into our anger of our ego provides instant emotional gratification, and very sort-term thinking. This also completely breaks down anything that wants to build trust, and anything for the long-term solutions.

I for one am turning off the noise, and flooding my experiences with that graceful stillness; that celebration of Christmas every day.
My blessings to you…

A Reason to be Light

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I’ve been listening to David Wilcock ever since he stepped out onto the world stage. I admire this man for discovering the truth of what Earth’s history is really all about, and the courage and passion to bring this truth to light. If this is your first time with this information, please remember: “this time of transition is not the end, it is just the beginning”. Because once we go through the last big solar flair, and the sun changes our whole solar system into the 4th dimensional frequency, systems like the Illuminati will not be able to continue in that higher vibrational frequency.
This is transparency, even though we may not hear it from our leaders. I feel relieved to hear someone else describing some of what I encounter, when bringing light into those dark systems. I’ve known long before I heard of David Wilcock that the true way to combat fear and hate is with love and forgiveness. In this video David makes a similar point, and for me it’s a good validation. He’s been a great inspiration to me.
Out of all of his hundreds of videos, this is one of my favorites. I know this is a long one, however it is very well worth it.



My blessings to you…



The art and practice of forgiveness is so essential for releasing emotional attachments, and moving beyond those situations. This is NOT about forgetting, this is about releasing out of our emotional field the trauma that was performed, so we can better embrace what is life-affirming. Instead of allowing life to mold us in it’s angry state, and this is how we move beyond “that”.
Cutting cords of emotional attachment is the first step, because it opens a quiet space to forgive; a space free of entangled emotions. Forgiveness requires this open space, without it we just stay angry.
Forgiveness is a practice; it’s on-going because there will always be something to move beyond to become our potential. This practice can be for a person or a system of operation like government or war, or even ourselves for stepping into the mess of… Anything that pushes your emotional buttons. The idea is to catch ourselves sooner and sooner when we become angry, and instead practice this. Then return to our happy place. This form of spiritual gardening will cut down on conflict tremendously, as this healing will return us back into our authentic loving selves. Because this practice of forgiveness allows us the freedom to release the hurt without forgetting.

Quantum Forgiveness
To Self: “I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am”.
To Other: “You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released”.
Repeat this as often as the feelings arise, in a way that brings you back to compassion, and or back to an unemotional neutral space.
From the book collection -“Course in Miracles” by Helen Schucman, published by Foundation for Inner Peace.

As we forgive we can begin to see the other person as innocent. This vision of their innocents through forgiveness erases the karmic issue all the way back to your beginning, and all the way forward into all the “what if’s” and all the possibilities. Insuring that, that lesson is finished, and no longer needs to be worried about.

“When you no longer have the need to be seen or heard, to be right or to be in control. When the other person is no longer “responsible” for your happiness, or any situation you’re both involved in, then you’ve moved past the issue”.

My blessings to you…

Cutting Cords of Emotional Attachment


Cutting cords of emotional attachment is a way for us to become free of other peoples unsettled emotional connections with us. Say I had a heated exchange with my spouse, and as I walk out of the room I’m still feeling the strong grip of it. Cutting these cords allows me the freedom to slip back into my balance, then from here it becomes so much easier to forgive, which allows me the freedom to be myself.
Cutting cords with our spouse (or ex, or boss, or family, or…) often, means we’re not dragging preconceived unsettled emotions from a disagreement before, into this new moment, and keeping that slate clean. However the moment our mind goes back into it’s argument of the memory with that person, we are reconnecting that cord. So this is a practice of emotionally staying on our own side of the street; of doing our own inner healing work, and as a way of staying in our emotional freedoms, which is very profound in what brings balanced healed empowerment into relationships.
Cutting cords of emotional attachment will also relieve the stresses of karmic pressures, allowing us clarity for that moment, and space to breathe so we don’t feel as though we have to sit in this soup of a twisted emotional mess. Cutting cords gives us this freedom, just like clearing out the disturbed emotions from a home on the page House Clearing.
Every time we feel discord; anger, hurt, bullied, or…  With another person is the perfect time to cut that emotional cord, no matter who it is. If you feel like someone is sucking your precious energy, and you have a good sense of who it is, then cut the cord. If you don’t have a good sense who it is, then pull up your shields.
Sometimes after cutting cords with someone, that someone will call you as a subconscious way of recording, then simply cut again.
Some things need to be said in establishing emotional boundaries, however this is not one of them. This is a silent self declaration, and a way of emotional healing. By having the need to explain our emotional needs to that someone, we are cording with them, and that’s an act from the ego-self. Cutting cords is an act of our god-self, because we are moving away from discord, and into peace. And another tool in our toolbox for dealing with the world.

* If your having sex with multipal partners for the sake of sex, and not because you’re into them so much. This simple act of cutting cords will release you from those connections.
* Striving for an emotionally healthy life, the practice of cutting cords with everyone we come in contact with will keep us in bliss.

* One way of cutting cords of emotional attachment is with someone who understands psychic surgery: when we energetically look at the light-body, and more importantly the chakra system. These different zones, and places we become corded with will have different issues with different people. We begin to better understand the issues they have with us or we have with them, and this gives us a good direction to follow for the healing.

However, the way to do this by yourself is with a simple prayer to Archangel Michael. “Archangel Michael, I ask that you cut all my cords with (name or description of person)”. Let your guard down and open yourself up to him… Feel the release.
We can also cut cords with systems of business as if it was a person: politics, government, company policies, and so on. As a way to emotionally release ourselves from it.

My blessings to you…

Cutting Cords of Emotional Attachment and Forgiveness along with Boundaries and Manifesting One’s World and the Ego-less Relationship should all be on the same page, because technically they support each other as one action. The action of Self-love.

This post is in reflection of my practice with cutting cords. This action was handed down to me by someone who also has this practice. I’m not the one who originally came up with this format, Gary Renard did in one of his books. I’m currently into his book “The Lifetime of when Jesus and Buddha knew each other”. Good read.


The Lesson of Duality


The lesson of duality is actually the lesson of growing into God, or what ever your language is for that. Duality and God are polar opposites. So when we are looking at God, we are looking and acting out of our god-self, and when we are experiencing duality we are looking or acting from our ego-self.
Duality is cause and effect. Example: you said something to them, and they hit you in the mouth. That is cause and effect. The lesson of duality is learning how to transcend it, and this is simply done by the focus of God. So in one hand we have duality, and in the other we have God. The one we give our attention to is the one that unfolds the circumstances of our life. We can’t have two masters, either we’re experiencing duality or we’re experiencing God.
Duality shows itself as the hardships of this world. Duality is in our face when our relationships fall apart, when we loose our job or when the car breaks down. Bringing God into our experiences means listening to the relationship and feeding it in the same way that we would listen to God and feed that relationship. Or listening to our performance on the job, and finding ways to improve it as we would a car. God is creation. We give quality attention to God, and in-turn God gives quality to our lives.
So when we look at God we see perfection, and with duality we see dysfunction. The human natural state of being is of God’s kindness; likeness. Violence is the absence of God (in this expression we’re talking about God, and not about religion). How do we bring God into the room? We find that place in ourselves in which we are like God… We are His likeness; we become “that” creator. Jesus walked on water as a demonstration that shows us what we’re capable of when we focus solely on God; the way of learning the lesson of transcending duality. Jesus said “I am the way”, as in follow me. Say as I say, do as I do… Become me, and you too will be in God’s grace.
The violence of the wars of today keeps us from thinking that this is possible. It’s sad to think that this violence is man-made as a belief that fear will profit those who keep us down. However, this focus in the presence of God  keeps us shielded from this violence; keeps us invisible from the eye of Sauron (from the movie “Lord of the Rings).

My life has changed so dramatically in the past 10 years because of this simple focus. I am doing things now that once I only dreamed of, and nothing I dare share on this page, for it’s clear to me that not everyone is open to this stuff. This post comes from my experiences with God, and not from any scripture. Although it is true that ANYTHING is possible with the fullness of eyes on God.

My blessings to you all.



“Slow down, we’ll have a more harmonious outcome”.
When we are feeling hyper or hyper sensitive it is a good observation to slow down “before” stepping out into the world. Reminding ourselves of our limitations, and re-calibrating our temperament to match our desired outcome. What ever has us running wild also has the potential of pushing us over the edge and into traffic.
So please trust in that inner voice, as we go to step out, that’s asking us to take a moment to check into one’s own temperament… Breath deep, and choose that harmonious outcome.

My blessings to you…

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