Guilt is an emotion that is over used, we use it to get what we want more then how we use the term love.
We feel guilty for not doing enough, or guilty for doing too much. We are pushed into guilt as a form of manipulation to act for someone else, and their insecurities.
Parents use guilt as a bribe with children to get them to behave.
All the commercials asking for money from you do so through guilt; they play on your guilt to get you to open your wallet. If you didn’t act on guilt then you wouldn’t give at all, because you’d see the dishonesty in it, and steer around it.

Guilt is rarely supported in such a way as to release us from it.
All guilt comes from the insecurities of others, and it is not ours to take on.

When (she) says that she feels guilty for not providing something, and he says “please don’t, I feel excited about where I am, and you have nothing to feel guilty for”. This releases her from a burden that would normally fester, and often come out sideways later.
Guilt is best released from present-time support; real-time reassurance communications.

What gets us out of the response of guilt is to act on our highest inspiration and integrity; our highest ethical self. This action plants us firmly in an atmosphere that recognizes guilt as a foreign expression, and how much the action of love is who we really are.

My blessings to you…


Cultivating Your Light

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A channeled message from my friend, Kryon:

My deepest love and blessings to you…


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This I gladly pass on as to keep you up on the change that is sweeping toward us. So please listen carefully, and take the steps needed to move your life forward.

My blessings to you all.

The Awakening

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This is from my deepest love and gratitude to pass on this information to you all.

My blessings to you…

Earth Changes / Transitional Support

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I came across this while cruising Youtube. This helps to understand the physical effects we maybe experiencing while shifting out of 3rd density, and into 4th density.

My blessings to you all.

Earth Connections does not promote fear, and will without hesitation delete any comment as such.

Pain Management

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“Pain management”, it’s amazing how much of a contradiction that seems to be, for it feels that it’s not I who manages the pain, yet instead it is I who is being managed by the pain! Nerve pain is so very intense, and I find it funny when a doctor asks “how is the pain from 1 to 10”. Because nerve pain always begins at a 10. This pain comes and goes, so it’s not all about intensity as it is more about duration.
Intense pain has an interesting way of stealing one’s attention, managing one’s life style, and building huge walls of fear. I see this as a mountain to get over; a challenge to overcome, and out of all the different healing practices, I find the art of forgiveness (from the book Course in Miracles) provides the most profound transformations. I’ve been listening to Gary Renard on Youtube, and his teachings on forgiveness. Something in which I see grate truth in, and value to my core.
Forgiving something like pain requires realism, as real as can be mustered. So I see The I Am that I am as bigger than any pain; the spirit that I am is bigger which gives direction away from my egos projection of this pain, and into God. To make the difference I, and I alone have to be the one crossing this threshold.
I finally sat down with a neurosurgeon who smiled, and said surgery is not for me. So natural healing is my avenue, which is better for me simply because it’s what I know. You know when the sun comes out when you can laugh at your pain. And the journey continues…


Faster and Faster

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Have you noticed the world is moving faster and faster, people driving faster, and where everything has to happen here and now? This is all a reaction to the vibrational frequencies that are rising because of the sun’s solar flairs, simply because our sun is changing it’s frequency, and therefore the whole solar system which includes us. These flairs are squeezing our personal issues into the forefront of our awareness, and insisting we deal with them. Recognizing that when an issue comes forward, all that needs to be accomplished is to overcome it simply by forgiving it. And if “I feel” upset by something, it is All mine to work through.
When we take the time to meditate, and remain grounded then we’re able to act from this inner sense of well being that has us slow down. Any time when we step into god space, or choose to look at the brighter side we raise above the battle field of earthly shenanigans. Then from there life slows down, and all of a sudden we have space to breathe. Sometimes this means setting boundaries so we have this space in our daily lives.
Life’s routine needs this intervention to break up the stale energy that comes with fear and dread. The faster we catch ourselves, and shift forward into love and gratitude the softer the edges become, and the freedom to allow the fast world to move around us.


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