The Darkness of the Soul

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Each one of us will be confronted by our darkest issues for the next 5 to 8 years, everyone-no exceptions! The darkness of the soul is an initiation into the awakening of a higher awareness; higher consciousness. This process brings to resolution issues that may have been buried for quite some time, and an opportunity to overcome them here and now.
This action is asking us to dig a bit deeper into patience for our own short-comings, and persistence to see this process through-no matter what “it” is. These issues once resolved will clear forward in such a way as to not need to ever be repeated or reviewed.

It’s the upmost importance to be emotionally gentle on yourself when moving through these intense issues. Being gentle allows us permission to see the issue in its full complexity, and move beyond it completely.

Also, please be mindful of others around you who maybe going through this, and give them the blessings of a little more space for their own growing pains.

Go in peace.


Lost and Found

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As a woman is looking for a new partner, what she is looking for is a man that will fulfill every need, and heal every wound. And to her she believes he should already instinctively know that he is here to provide this.
This creates huge discord in relationships! Because 1) whether she likes it or not this is completely off his radar, and 2) she is being completely irresponsible with her hurt emotional needs… Conscious or unconscious. Men and women are SO incredibly different from each other, that when we come together that joining needs to be so very gentle.
This is something all women do that can be very subconscious. Younger women do this, however by the time they reach their 3rd part of their lives they’ve started to move away from this.
Men need to learn this about women, because this is 90 percent of the reason why at the end of relationships she is so mad that she is taking most of what he owns, and is shredding his character for all to see. All because she will never speak out loud of this. Women are incredibly secretive, even to themselves.

(I know I’m repeating myself) A healthy balanced relationship is one in which she or he is responsible by following their own happiness, and the other person is along for the fun. A hurtful wound can ONLY be healed by the person in pain. Through communication the other partner can facilitate the emotional support. However they can not ever DO it for you, you will have to cross that threshold for yourself.
This practice of being the master of your own direction will also give her more vital energy, and focused attention longer into her life, because her precious energy won’t be spent on so much dread, and “here we go again” failed expectations.

Men need to read this, then process this, then reread and process deeper. Men need to know why there is such a thing as a “dog house”. For it should be seen as a blazing red flag that something is amiss; some discord in the relationship that needs immediate attention FOR BOTH PARTNERS TO LOOK AT!
Digging into lost and found, and adopting this lifestyle with this practice of always being the one in control of one’s own happiness (regardless of relationship status). This will in itself heal, and naturally take care of it. Because for me my pursuit of happiness is always my first thought, and it is this action that produces the consistent empowerment in all my relationships, more so than anything else that I can think of… Well maybe more with my practice with God.
This practice is best learned from our parents, something that has been taught and become natural, and is continued as we step out onto the world stage.


The Gap


When our chemistry is activated lust is then switched on in full (there’s not a thing wrong with lust, for it’s apart of our process), and what is coupled with lust is ownership; wanting to be the only one, which shows us the dysfunctional expression of ownership. The bright side of ownership happens immediately when it’s looking to transition into trust. Because when trust comes into play ownership slips away, and trust is coupled with love. Ownership and love can’t be in the same space together, and have them both survive.
This is why a lot of couples don’t see love, they think they do, however it’s because they cling to the shadow expression of ownership, and not bridge the gap to trust. It’s just too scary for them.
As we release ownership, and nest into trust we release ownership, jealousy and miscommunications. And one less reason you keep yourself a secret.

Remember: Part of being able to make this shift is in discovering that there is a better way of either resolving conflict, or a different choice in response that leads to a more harmonious outcome. Instead of always being reactionary. Looking around for people who already have this healthy response, is a wonderful demonstration to know how to create a more harmonious outcome.
The only part of ownership that is positive, is when we are directing it at ourselves. As in changing a reaction by “taking ownership of” your part in the the conflict. This action is shifting us away from conflict, and helping to move us toward the gentle actions of trust, and bridge that gap.

My blessings to you…



Guilt is an emotion that is over used, we use it to get what we want more then how we use the term love.
We feel guilty for not doing enough, or guilty for doing too much. We are pushed into guilt as a form of manipulation to act for someone else, and their insecurities.
Parents use guilt as a bribe with children to get them to behave.
All the commercials asking for money from you do so through guilt; they play on your guilt to get you to open your wallet. If you didn’t act on guilt then you wouldn’t give at all, because you’d see the dishonesty in it, and steer around it.

Guilt is rarely supported in such a way as to release us from it.
All guilt comes from the insecurities of others, and it is not ours to take on.

When (she) says that she feels guilty for not providing something, and he says “please don’t, I feel excited about where I am, and you have nothing to feel guilty for”. This releases her from a burden that would normally fester, and often come out sideways later.
Guilt is best released from present-time support; real-time reassurance communications.

What gets us out of the response of guilt is to act on our highest inspiration and integrity; our highest ethical self. This action plants us firmly in an atmosphere that recognizes guilt as a foreign expression, and how much the action of love is who we really are.

My blessings to you…


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This I gladly pass on as to keep you up on the change that is sweeping toward us. So please listen carefully, and take the steps needed to move your life forward.

My blessings to you all.

The Awakening

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This is from my deepest love and gratitude to pass on this information to you all.

My blessings to you…

Earth Changes / Transitional Support

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I came across this while cruising Youtube. This helps to understand the physical effects we maybe experiencing while shifting out of 3rd density, and into 4th density.

My blessings to you all.

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