So much of our time spent praying to God for abundance in one form or another. Then we find ourselves in situations in which someone is offering something to us, and what do we often say? No thank you, I’m okay. By saying this we’re denying the goodness we’re asking for; we’re suppressing our authentic selves, and we’re becoming the successful victim by announcing our sense of undeserving. To live in empowerment is to embrace our inner sense of deserving, and awaken those life-affirming beliefs. Because in truth where the heck do we think it’s going to come from? Is it just going to magically appear in our hands?! In the physical realm all of God’s abundance comes through the generosity of people. So the next time someone offers you something… Anything, (for you can always pass it on) simply say yes thank youto the gift. Then whisper to God, thank you, more please. Living freely in this flow of abundance/love/joy… Is the natural order of who we are, because when in this flow we are the gift. However, because of the experience of ego we also get to experience fear, and through Free Will we get to choose one of those directions. If we go through life with an unchecked unbalanced ego, then that ego teaches us how to be very successful victims. That is the natural direction the ego will go in. It is the connection with the freedom of our spirit that changes that direction, and fills our experiences with abundance.
This action of love to ourselves, and to others is the flow of God’s grace. Whether we are setting a boundary for ourselves, being kind to someone on the street, or someone else is being generously kind to us, it is the flow of the gift that is our divine heritage. A river that is always within that field of Source Energy (Connections of the Self).

One of the many ways in which God is gifting us abundance, can be when we find a 20 dollar bill on the ground. Or if you’re remodeling a house you just bought, and found money in the walls. That is abundance that was meant for you by God.
The guilty victim wants to give it all back to the original owners, because they feel SO undeserving. That house became fully yours with everything in it the moment you were handed the keys for it.

When we often say: I can’t believe this is happening. This statement cuts off the natural flow of abundance. So that’s why when it does happen, it feels so unnatural. Turning this around comes from an inner desire to experience more of that joyful tickle, that which we get from giving generously of ourselves. In giving abundance of… We also receive it.
It may not be coming back to you from the person in which you want it to come from. However, if you carefully observe you will see that it is coming back to you in the same way in which you are giving it out.

My blessings to you…