The solar flairs that we’re having are helping to accelerate the vibrational frequency of our Earth and solar system, and in so doing it’s pulling us along with it. The one thing that elevates our awareness more than anything, is fine tuning our ability for emotional navigation. So as our vibrational frequency rises, we find ourselves being bombarded by emotional issues, and from this we see nearly everyone in reactionary mode. We see this evidence of our need for personal space in the greater distance between cars in a line-less parking lot or on a winter’s day.
This is a great time to be intuitively acute to one’s emotional boundaries, and to remove ourselves from situations so we aren’t overloading our emotions. Know your limitations. Take a day off for your own emotional healing, a few hours at least, of time without responsibility. (children are the exception) Or a little bit every day. For this is that intense time we warned about, and the opportunity for life affirming moments.
Go in peace.