If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Can’t behave to same way and get different results. When it’s clear that what we are doing isn’t changing the problem, and sometimes changing that behavior isn’t about what they need so much as it is about what we need for our own growth, in our happiness.
Daring to become something new and different, often means finding the courage to look at it from a new angle. Changing our behavior has nothing to do with who we are, because we are not our behavior.

Finding a more harmonious rhythm in a new path that leads to who we are becoming, can be a whole lot better than if we were to continue to react, react, react… Which keeps us stumbling in the dark.
When we allow ourselves the space to daydream of the person we want to become… Separate from the spouse, separate from our peers or even the world at large. If we had the freedom to do what inspires and energizes us all day every day, what would that look like? How can we be the leaders of our own lives, the one that leads you with joy instead of intimidation. We manipulate ourselves into thinking that we must “do this” to be happy and whole. When in truth when we find or create that something that renews our inner excitement, we become more productive, and that joy changes all the relationships around us.
Life moves in cycles, and when we are paying attention to these needs for change, or when life takes a corner and we are there to greet it, and that inner tickle reminds us that we are on the path Spirit intended for us, life moves on silk.