The true path of karma is a way to understand the paths of you’re soul. I am the tree, and the wind is karma. Shaping and molding me into the character I can be, bending to receive the softer edges of life.
When you have an issue that cannot be avoided, we see that as karma [karma is the restriction that holds your life back], and a stepping stone for the learning of the lesson which in itself creates the movement of your soul’s journey. Because when we face karma head on, and overcome our ego’s emotional dragons by transforming our fearful reactions into loving actions, we do experience the softer edges of life. If we continue to ignore these issues, we will experience those harder edges of life. So slay those dragons head on, and by this we expand our inner potential, and become more of the gift that we are.
Karma’s not something we need to hide from. Because from the souls prospective it’s a beautiful thing, for it promotes movement; change; the process of moving toward wholeness; toward spiritual freedom, and towards God’s graceful abundance.
The challenge as a human is to identify how the ego creates a block, and drops it across the path to enlightenment; the path to success. The ego makes a small feeling feel huge, and that my friends are the illusions of ego.
The big picture that karma brings forward in the field of relationships is all relationships are divinely designed to not quite match your truth, or your vision. In other words, there will always be something in the relationship that will be a red flag or something out-of-shape. Because karma is Spirit’s way of helping us to understand that all human relationships come from ego, and the only true relationship is our obedience to our god-self/higher awareness as the action of self-loyalty. The very nature of karma is to show us that EVERYTHING is ego-driven. When we follow the guidance of our higher-self or god-self, we step into the flow of higher living and the life of self empowerment, and this is done by removing the dysfunctional ego and pride by burning through karma. Overcoming relationship karma means to discover that “you are more precious to yourself, than he/she is to you”. And this standard becomes how you navigate all relationships. Ego-self says: this person has to be in my life to complete me. God-self says: your partner is someone to whom you find joy in hanging out with. This is the path God intended us to follow. Karma is a way for us to see what has become dysfunctional and out of balance, and from there gives us the opportunity to see it differently and act with greater purpose. Walking the path of self empowerment shortens the journey of egoic lessons, and returns us home to God’s grace. Because there’s not all that “he said… She said… ” Stormy story and drama, and instead you’re free to live your passions in the ego-less relationship.

The weight of a marriage vow registers in our spiritual psyche in a similar reflection, that the Divine is absolute; that our spouse is absolute. “I absolutely trust my spouse in a similar fashion that I absolutely trust God”, and this is where we mess-up. Our identity with our god-self has been confused with being the same as our identity with our egoic relationships. This is why relationships continuously fail, because only through the awareness of the god-self, do we discover that only God is absolute. Egoic relationships have a shelf-life, are very limited, and loaded with conditions. For everything on earth has a beginning, middle and an end. So by changing our expectations of human relationships, we find a far more positive outcome.
When we come together in relationships, she looks at him and becomes totally lost in him, he looks at her and becomes totally lost in her, and together they totally forget who they were before. Following the path of our karmic healing we learn the value of holding onto our personal identity and integrity, and by the practice of boundaries our passionate expressions are given permission to flourish.
From this practice fail-safes are created that allows the relationship to learn through failure. A place which presents a safe environment to express our needs, while having the support of our partner. By failing we learn what is truth, and the path that keeps us in truth. Which shows itself as self-empowerment. It’s in putting this into perspective in such a way to quiet the drama. Even though most of the time we will feel as though karma is putting us through absolute hell. When in fact this Divine path was created from absolute love.

Karma is God’s way of teaching us the lessons of life so we can gain strength and pass the class, the key here is “are you paying attention”? The natural flow of life is fluid, and when we choose not to listen, life becomes stuck and sticky with karma’s drama. Karma is here to help us to engage in the lesson, and the lesson can be “that” that’s difficult to overcome, or not. An open heart overcomes quickly. Bringing karma to completion does not mean ending the relationship. It means transforming your awareness, and being more responsible with your personal emotional balance, or the difference in action instead of reaction. [No reaction, just observe the other person’s opinion. Then if you do act, it’s an action and not a reaction. Your action comes from your god-self of who you can be, instead of reacting emotionally from their opinion. So learn to think and act for yourself.]

For everything you feel compassion for, you have already experienced and learned the value of that lesson.
2013 was the beginning of instant karma, where the distance of recoil of going from judged to learning the compassion of it, becomes incredibly short; what you put out to the world, comes back at you a thousand fold, and at the speed of light. We can’t hide our thoughts from karma… Karma sees all, knows all.
Karma is like a finger from your soul messing with your mental, emotional fields, as well as your spiritual awareness, as to fine tune your passions that give your life direction. It’s like the soul is steering you to overcome lessons and issues, to gather knowledge and spiritual freedom, that expands the soul into its god form. The soul is unseen by most humans, simply because the souls expression is well beyond the limiting concepts of the human mind.

Ego is the judgmental side of learning to navigate the emotions, and bringing ego into compassion is a daily practice until we learn where ego lives. Ego is discussed throughout this site in attempt to teach the destructive behavior of ego and how to turn that around. [It can be found on the page: Boundaries and Personal Power]
When it comes to relationships and working through the complexity of the karma of it. Karma teaches us that only you matter; that you are most precious a gift, and when you start to take yourself seriously as in putting yourself first; “does this act / decision inspire and energize me”? When we love ourselves more than another person can love us, we learn our self value. And this valuable lesson brings forth clarity and balance when understanding karma in relationships. It’s not all of it, it’s most of it. Overcoming it; learning the lesson of love; the lesson of light will bring forward relationships of depth and quality. Removing karma is done by reprogramming the self to act from balance, instead of reacting from emotional hurt. And like the art of boundaries it’s a daily practice until we learn the rhythm of it’s pattern.

The loving karmic relationship: Ego-less Relationship

Forms of completion:
* One of devotion. The kind of devotion that is a calling, and the kind of devotion that doesn’t disrupt your own life’s passionate pursuits. This devotion can come in a variety of avenues, all of which completes the karmic circle with both yourself and the person your devoted to. This kind of devotion is a lifelong lesson, and this kind of devotion is automatic; that without thought.
* Spontaneous generosity is another place where karma completes its cycle. This expression is a person to person completion. However, if we focus our attention on this person, and the moment this act is no longer spontaneous, the cycle is extended.
* A life in service to others will also complete a karmic circle. The service industry is full of people completing this karmic expression. This avenue can either have us kicking and screaming all the way through it, or as devoted service. The first is the introduction to the lesson, while the second is the acceptance of the value of the lesson.
Looking at karma and learning it’s simple model yet complex paths, we can become very entwined in the emotional complexity of it. Or we can just go about our daily living, and the subconscious self will automatically continue to work itself out. Life has us marching forward.

My blessings to you…