There is an instinctual response men have when we hear her wants and desires. Men immediately go into build and provide mode when we hear what tickles her fancy, and we will rearrange our lives even to the point of looking like a complete idiot. This response for the most part is very unconscious.
If a woman in his life is very important to him, and he hears her say something along the lines of wanting decadence in her life. He will go to such extremes to rearrange his life to acquire such wealth. He will spend every penny he has to go after that big Jackpot, and more often than not, this behavior will continue throughout his life, even if she is no longer with him.
Women LOVE this about men; a man’s ability to protect and provide, on all levels easily and effortlessly. However guys need to stay focused on providing what they are good at, and not getting lost in trying to become what he thinks she wants. This guy thing needs to be something we know about ourselves, especially if we are seeking that inner and outer balance for ourselves. A value that is expressed through the balance of giving to others and giving to ourselves. Because this providing is instinctual, the choice of creating that balance can be achieved through the consistent practice of catching yourself in it, “oh I’m doing it again”, then, without judgment shift the pattern. Instinctual behaviors are tricky that way, different from emotional behaviors which can be simply changed by changing your mind.
In relationships, this is not about him getting his own way. This is all about shifting the awareness into giving from a higher conscious awareness, so there’s more meaning and depth in the giving, and not so ego driven or driven by chemistry.

As we shift into those higher fields of love and gratitude, we shift away from instinct and into intuitive responses. Because as a species we no longer need to be concerned with so much survival. The world is shifting into those higher fields of frequency with or without us. We can either choose to move with it, by which we govern our responses appropriately and become apart of it. Or we find a way to leave.
A higher conscious awareness is easy to obtain, simply focus on behaviors that create a win-win.

My blessings to you…