In finding a partner who can spiritually, intellectually and emotionally as well as challenge, nurture, and enrich us, means looking at people and relationships with eyes wide open. If the attraction is hot, then we know the sex is going to be great. However, for the other 21 hours in the day, it helps to choose someone who also brings a similar depth, quality and attention to detail into the relationship, as you do with your own life.

Eyes wide open simply means to have an awareness of who you are, who you want to become, who you want beside you, and what’s happening in your immediate environment. The quality we have comes from how much attention we give to this. If we want to raise that bar it requires us to show up (be active in planning and decisions), pay attention (listen carefully to how the words/actions are spoken) and be present (bring our full attention into the room). When we have the awareness of our conscious attention, and not our dreamy mind we are fully conscious in the present moment. When we want to respond to a comment of another person without fully listening to them, then we’re not being present. This awareness comes with the growth of our inner work; cutting cords from our dragons, and shifting fear into love. Because not fully listening comes from our insecurities of control. Inner work is inner healing, and letting go of control.
Eyes wide open gathers information that is useful in moving peacefully for one’s own direction, as a leadership for the well-being of our happiness.
When sharing a life with someone, eyes wide open is in having courage to look into those dark hidden corners, and ask those questions that maybe difficult to talk about when searching for the deeper answers. Eyes wide open can also mean that for everyone either sleeping under your roof or in your bed, their business has become your business. Making sure that you’re informed, and not taken by surprise by secrets, or unforeseen environmental influences. It can also mean that you choose to think for yourself, and not always take on the fears and insecurities of others. “Embrace the education”.

Eyes wide open is also about expanding the awareness the the third eye. Because more often than not, we need more than two eyes to see the things that matter the most.
With eyes wide open the quality of attention that a person gives to their own spiritual, intellectual and emotional life, they will also bring to the relationship.
(When I interview someone for a job I’m doing, I will first look at the quality of how they keep their car. Is it clean inside, is it well maintained? The quality of their vehicle is in direct relationship to their own inner life. How much attention they give their vehicle is the depth of attention I’ll see on the job, generally speaking.)
So in choosing a partner, it helps to see with eyes wide open beyond the sex, and into their own interpersonal relationships with their environments. Because in a love relationship, “you become their environment”.

My blessings to you…