100_1394* When we start to combine the many different practices of spiritual healing, and moving subtle energy in the body, our partner’s experience of us begins to expand. Everything to do with spiritual healing happens through the atmosphere of love, and when we include spiritual guidance into that practice, the expression of love expands 1000 fold. Then the sexual experience is no longer just physical. You become aware of his Chi, he may become aware of her energy palpitations moving like waves. Sex is a format that allows us the space to discover the deeper mysteries of who we are and how we can be. Yoga, even walking is a practice that expands our sense of self-awareness, self-love and self-loyalty. So if you both have a similar practice, then the sexual experience becomes so much more. Pushing the boundaries of love, and the full scope of potential expressions to bring to fruition beyond the bedroom.
Open your listening ear to their needs, then provide that healing space. Become more of the nurturer you are.
When the masculine and feminine are in balance in supporting each other, that trust turns into bliss… Harmony of the Sexes.
All of this and others like it help to expand the sexual experience and the couples bond.

*  Sacred sex is one that slows down, where he is guided by the rhythm of her breathe. His excitement is stimulated by what brings her to climax. She is stimulated by his desire for rediscovery of her sexy details.
Slow down, talk to each other about what you like. For there to be a stimulating experience for the both of you, it helps for you both to slightly step outside of your comfort zone… For her to be clear about her needs, for him to actively listen, and for the both of you to be present for each other.

* What gets her excited takes a Lot more than what it does for him. And what stimulates her is Far more gentle, then how he would be for himself. If he is a 10 for himself, then she needs a 4 or less from him.

* Women need a lot of interest from men, and they need it all the way through their lives.
What ever their love-language is, needs to be consistently expressed, and that expression coming from you for them, needs to be an expression of your presence of light; your inner potential shining bright as you perform their love language.
Whatever he did to win her heart, he must continue to keep it. When we get caught up by routine and lost in life’s details, we often forget all so easily the emotional health and well-fair of those closest to us.

* There are two different kinds of people to be mindful of when attracting a mate. Those who are the married type [regardless of relationship status] and those who are the bachelor / bachelorette. Someone with the bachelor energy will last in a relationship about 6 months, Where with the energy of the married-one, their high level of contentment through easy commitment is on all the time.
A break-up with a bachelor is one that you see coming. Or if they don’t want to be seen as the “bad guy”, they will make the situation impossible for you to stay with. In any case, those relationships are short.
A break-up with a married-one comes as a surprise, because it’s so unlike them.

* People who find it easy to say “I love you”, are people who really know themselves, and where trust is not an issue. They will also say it consistently at times when you’re doing something in which they feel valued by. So if you’re someone who clearly needs trust in your relationship, this is how you can spot it. Still, use your sense of discernment. Ask yourself “does this relationship / decision inspire and energize me”, and following that yes we surround ourselves with empowerment.

* How to sense the next person: When we are between relationships, and we’re eager about the next person. How do we sense when they are near. A strong indicator is in your night-time dreams. The dreamscape is a reflection of the mental and emotional work that we work through during the day. The dreamscape will also reveal hidden tendencies. So if you’re conscious about pulling into your life a prosperous relationship, and start to put together a picture in your mind of what that means for you. As you move through this process, the dreamscape will show you how close or far off they are by presenting a faceless person in your dreams. More or less interaction with this person will reflect how close they are to finding you.

Intimacy and sex:
Most people have sex thinking they’re getting their intimacy issues fulfilled. Cuddling and verbal communications: “you’re going to be okay”, and helping to talk it through is much more effective than sex alone. Separate from intimacy, sex is always a two-way street. If he is there to complete his emotions for the day, and not there for her emotional reassurance. Then he is telling her that she’s not worth the effort.
Intimacy is not sex alone, intimacy is verbal and nonverbal communication, that part that is only transparent to your partner. It’s only shared to others in confidence, and only with permission. For intimacy comes with great trust and from a deeper level in the relationship.

* Anal sex for most men is a belief that they need something tight to come to climax. This belief comes from people who live in their minds instead of their feeling centers. When we live in our minds, we often get caught up in performance, and that creates issues around getting-it-up, or ejaculation issues.

* Childhood Sexual Development
Between the ages of 0 to 13 there are many behavioral demonstrations that are presented, that make or break healthy adult relationships of all kinds. It’s all about self-discovery, just like how we use toys for the practice of friendship (Teddy bear).
What creates healthy emotional interactions between couples and a good sex-life, is first being comfortable with our own sex, and this discovery happens as a young child. For the dad to kiss his boy on the lips is very natural, and the son will naturally shift away from this when the processing of this need is fulfilled, which is very subconscious. First we process these emotions in the safety of our own sex, then we cross the street. All this is very natural. It’s when we disrupt it does it create chaos all the way down the line.
As children our first sexual encounter is with ourselves, and then with our own sex as with a best friend. Kissing and touching. This experience is a one time thing, something that is sought out by the individual, and very instinctual. A very gentle one time experience is all that is needed to have a lifetime of healthy relationships with the opposite sex. However if a child is exposed to porn at that age, they will be seeking that similar experience which is not one of balance.
This vital part of a positive sexual development that is rarely experienced, is largely do to either lack of opportunity, exposure to porn or parental interference.
When parents shame us to the core, it has a tendency of having us questioning our own sense of sexual self-worth when entering healthy adult relationships. Sexual shame is an emotional projection; a way for the parent / friend / sibling to pass on their emotional guilt, and something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

* If we put a masculine man (he-man) and a feminine woman (girlie-girl) in the same room together, what happens in terms of relating is he will relate to her as the weaker sex, because to him she is a weak man. The woman will try to retrain him to be more like a woman, so she can better understand him. When applying this pattern of relating to the single parent, what we get is a one-sided child. It takes both the masculine and feminine guidance to get a well rounded child. All relationships require focus and attention. So by learning about him, and listening to her, then acting responsibly in the relationship that child’s emotional education will flourish.

Questions and Answers:
* What makes someone lose power when making love? The concept of “losing power”, comes from the limitations of the human mind. In truth there’s not a limited amount of energy or power/conscious awareness. If someone gets sleepy after sex, then “that” is just what they need to relax and let go, and they will wake up refreshed and renewed. Getting sleepy or being energized by sex, is a way the emotions get processed, and very natural.
* How does a psychic woman tune out messages about her boyfriend when they sleep next to each other? Don’t sleep in the same bed with him “every” night. Honor your psychic boundaries. My beloved and I are both psychics, and we don’t sleep in the same house together. Otherwise we’re on all the time; it takes a lot of energy to be clairvoyantly on all the time. So we value time together and time apart.
Transforming love to spiritual energy? Raise your awareness, and just become your highest ethical value. Stay in this space regardless of where you find yourself. Be mindful of how we are for ourselves, and not pushing those ideals on other people.
* How do I protect myself energetically during sex? Read my post on Energy Shielding.
* Cleansing sexual energy from a partner who sleeps with other woman. This is not something one person can do for another without their permission. You’re at a “crossroads” lesson. Either you accept that you are sharing your partner with another, or you gather up and step out.
Healing another person of their misconduct because it makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s an emotional projection. You want them to change so you can be happy, when in truth “you need to change for you” so you can be happy. So either accept what’s going on, or leave the relationship. We can hold the space and provide a nurturing environment for them to heal. However in this situation, this is their threshold of healing to cross. They either accept your care, and use that environment to heal or you move on. We can’t do this for them.
If they accept your support: then look for someone who can “cut cords of emotional attachment” or someone familiar with psychic surgery, for the maintenance of your own emotional welfare.
* How to make sex more spiritual? What makes sex more spiritual is when we focus on what couples find sexy beyond the bedroom.
What she finds sexy is when he has that “can do, want to do” attitude. It’s his confidence in knowing his strengths, and acting on them, because she will know instinctively when he’s being real or not.
What he finds sexy in her, is when she gives him the space to provide; the space to create *metaphoric castles around her.
When it’s natural and easy for him to act out her love language, as it is for her then the relationship moves on silk.
When we click in this fashion we will have a stronger bond as a married couple, because what he does naturally feeds her,  as she does for him. For couples who don’t have this, they can shift their behavior into this action. Because this action feeds you in such a way that has you wanting more.
However if you’re in a relationship with someone who is very controlling, or someone with a big ego, or someone with very low confidence issues, it may take more energy to shift them out of that then you want to give. These are qualities to look for before saying “I do”.

*Metaphoric castles: is intimate emotional support, or intimate spiritual support. Something intimate your lover does for you that no one else does. It’s something that is built upon, and becomes a quality of relating, a side dish or added ingredient in the relationship that is carefully constructed just for you.

May your blessings be the tender experience of touch.