When healing something that feels bigger than we are, or the dark forces that we are confronting seems too immense. Like when Gandalf confronts Saruman in the second Hobbit movie “The Desolation Of Smaug”, Gandalf is over taken by the darkness of Saruman. This is what it looks like when trying to heal through our Will power, as if we are the ones actually doing the healing. When in truth the energy that is being channeled is doing the work. Like how Yoda lifts the jet out of the marsh in the Star Wars movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. Yoda is not concerned with the size of which he is moving, he is simply connected with the energy he is channeling. Because the energy channeled is doing the actual work, all we do is stay focused with being present with that energy flow. It’s the ego that gets excited with “power” and the physical experience of movement. For every one who is still healing through Will power… This focus of presence gives the rest of us the strength of ten.
Holding focus is learning to quiet the minds inner chatter. A great meditation for quieting the mind is the focus of “no mind”. From this practice comes the freedom to manifest a single thought with ease and joy. Then comes the understanding that success bubbles from the wellspring of a co-created relationship with Spiritual Guardians.
As long as we are in human form, we can only be the bridge; the lightening rod or the orchestrater that connects the healing force to the physical matter; the client, the environment or a system of management. The only difference between practitioners is the clarity of focus, and the depth of connection with that guidance.

My blessings to you…

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