ranch 1_08008#9542How do you know if you’re in a karmic relationship?
* Well if the attraction in the beginning was very Hot, so hot in fact that you forgot who you were and what your hopes and dreams were.
* If no matter what you do or they do, you can’t help it, and you keep going back for more.
* Impassable conflicts. Where things never really become resolved, and just become swept under the rug.
* One sided relationship, you love him even though he doesn’t see you. Or no matter how much you love them the connection just isn’t there.
* When he spends more money then he has, in trying to capture the attention of her eye. It’s a karmic attraction that drives you crazy in trying to get their attention.
* When she turns herself into an emotional pretzel, in trying to please him anyway she can. Obligation and intense “here we go again” dread.
* All the relationships that have heavy karma don’t have breathable space between the two of you.
* Karma can be those relationships in which we put that person so high on that pedestal, that if they fall they’ll never land. Where their needs matter much more than you do, and where it’s so far out of balance that you call it devotion. Dripping with sticky conditions.
* Your unending devotion for his love… As powerful as it is, is not seen by him, or is not as deeply expressed as yours is. And you know this, but you keep going back, hoping things will change… Yet they don’t.

You will cut off an arm to get his attention… Now how dysfunctional is that!!! So do you want out of this co-dependent mess?!
Karmic lessons are presented by Spirit from the light of Grace, and no two karmic relationships are quite the same. A karmic relationship is past life emotional history [cause and effect], that you are now at a crossroads with, and a choice for opportunities to bring it back into balance. These relationships are resulting from our inappropriate actions with people past and present. As we search for balance and learn to correct the pattern, we discover an opportunity to look at it differently. We have the choice now, to either respond from love or continue with anger.
Dharma is too much positive cause and effect finding balance [spent in the wrong places]. When we’re in balance we’re in alignment with our true self, and therefore in alignment with God/Love/Gratitude/Wholeness. Both karma and dharma, are completely out of our control, as to how the lesson comes at us, this my friend is up to The Spirits. However, I can look at a situation and say “that will create karma”, and choose to avoid it all together. Deliberately hurting someone for personal gain creates steep karma.
In a relationship, the stronger the physical attraction is, the stronger the karmic lesson will be. The physical attraction [chemistry] was designed by God to keep us with that person, so they could help us push through our issues. Because if I truly knew of the pain I’d go through with this person, then I’d run from the room screaming!!! Yet the strong physical attraction holds me steady, so the lesson can unfold. By having this experience and learning this lesson with this person, we’ve come out of this relationship a better person.

Karma, not always yet can be those sticky, bumpy, challenging and disagreeable places in a relationship. So karma shows us where in the relationship we need to be more responsible with our emotions, as in where we need to transform anger, resentment and shame, into love, gratitude and joy. It also shows us where our boundaries need to be, and why.
Karma creates a drive in us, that we don’t have much control over as in how our emotions flutter. It’s not something we can hide from, and to tell the truth, the only short cut is to turn and face it. What is it that will bring you back into balance, and back into alignment with your true authentic self? Returning to balance has some variation to do with taking back your power, or practicing forgiveness [for self and others], standing in your power and taking charge of your own life… Without controlling the other person. And it’s one thing to have in your mind the concept of Self empowerment, although the real work begins when we follow that thought with action, and put all that wonderful knowledge into practice. Every positive step you take, brings you closer to your true authentic Self, and freedom from karma with that person. Karma can be seen as the chains that hold us back from self empowerment in expression. The heavier the karma, the less freedom of authentic self-expression.

Resolving karma asks us to be responsible with our own personal balance. So it’s not what the other person is doing wrong. Stepping into empowerment is about what you are doing for yourself that keeps you healthy and whole. Karma reminds us of the incredible gift that we are as individuals, by showing us the dysfunction it’s also pointing back to balance, and if the relationship you’re in doesn’t reflect heart, then change it!
When Karma is resolved with another person, the heat of the attraction melts and softens, or it feels like you’re done or like the page has been turned. A weight has been lifted and it’s now easy to step away. The love is still there, it’s just not as sticky with damaging conditions. It’s transformed and has risen into those higher fields of spiritual love and deep compassion.
In removing yourself from a painful relationship, we do so for the reasons of self empowerment, as to keep from repeating painful situations.
When Karma is resolved with the self, life moves freely with little resistance.
The finer points of karma is to learn to overcome the obstacles of illusion, to break down the understanding that the physical realm is only illusion [this does not mean we stop caring for the physical body], and through compassion of all things we find “there is only God”.

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* The meaning of life is “to grow into God”; to act freely from a guiltless mind.
* Karma comes from God’s law, it’s what keeps us accountable. Karma is everywhere and in everything, it’s about how to stand in Love while we’re in the midst of adversity. As White Eagle would put it, “keep on, keeping on”. As well as learning to identify what is sticky karma, well for starters it’s unnecessary drama with people, and then what is empowerment and how can we apply it to our every step? Well does this relationship / decision inspire and energize me”? And by following that “yes” we keep ourselves out of karma’s drama.
* The goal is to connect to your true authentic self through boundaries, and step into personal power. Which in itself puts you into self empowerment, far beyond what your partner can do for you.
Walking on emotional eggshells, and not being free to be yourself, is the opposite of being authentic. Being authentic [to speak and act from the guiltless mind] in your relationships is a sign that your on track. Again, being authentic is an important ingredient, so if you don’t have it… Find it. Being authentic is not about being a bully and getting your own way, it’s about having the space and freedom to breath, or freedom for self-expression through the well-spring of your own calling.
* The way out of a karmic relationships is forgiveness, both to the other person and to yourself.
* Quantum Forgiveness
To Self: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
To Other: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
–The book set * Course in Miracles. Repeat this every time you have unsettled feelings for yourself or others.
* Taking back your power is standing up for yourself, it’s identifying dysfunctional behaviors in others, and not engaging with them along those lines [if you can identify dysfunctional behaviors in others, you may also be able to see it in yourself as well]. It’s setting a high standard within yourself for your quality of life, and only allowing those who nurture and support this quality to come into your inner circle. To empower ourselves is to stand strong in our own conviction, without pushing those ideals on someone else. An inward declaration, for the self by the self… This is self empowerment.

If you’ve just discovered abuse 10 years into the marriage, it’s still important in that moment to stand strong in your empowerment, and without thinking, let them know that they have just crossed a line. History or no history… Your self-worth is greater than this!!! And it’s up to them to find their way back or chance loosing what they have. And if you cave-in, then your telling yourself you’re not worthy of love’s empowerment. Be the wisdom!!! And step out of karma and into empowerment.
* Think of karma and incarnations like going to college… Going to class, learning the lessons and passing the course. “A soul mate is a classmate in the school of soul”. There’s a lot of unsettled emotions expressed, as you find yourself in your own dark corners. Then your pushed by your soulmate to overcome those issues, and you move beyond the issue as a more refined and better person.
* And those of us who identify the intensity these karmic relationships bring, have great compassion for those going through it.
* By perspective, this does not need to be a bad experience. Love is a state of mind, and karma is another adventure in this amazing life unfolding. Embrace personal growth, and the lesson won’t feel so scary.
* Anything in a relationship that is difficult to push through is karmic. So each relationship has something that will push us to grow, and karma is a way of describing that growth. Karma is “that” part of the situation that you resist. So in looking at all the parts, remember to look at yourself, carefully.
* However karma comes in ways other than just relationships. Many diseases like cancer is karmic, anytime there is something that can’t be avoided, and you have to go through the experience of it, is karmic.
* Thinking you can run from a situation by entering a new relationship or moving to a new town, think again. We can’t hide from karma. The short-cut out of karma is to turn and face the issue, with ownership and forgiveness without judgement.

Questions and Answers:
* How do you know when a karmic relationship is bad for you? It’s when the attraction pulls you out of balance and away from yourself. Or on a darker note: it’s when the relationship turns toxic, and is no longer productive. It’s when it’s all about them and your feelings don’t count, and it’s when you become their emotional doormat. It’s when you’ve extended your personal growth as far as you can, and still the issue is unresolved. Then you own the freedom of stepping away from them.
* What creates a karmic relationship? Any time we hurt another for personal gain. Because we don’t want to be responsible for our own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual welfare and instead make someone else responsible for it. Bullying, forcing, killing…
* A karmic relationship by definition is not a bad thing? No it’s not. It is an opportunity to learn and overcome something new about yourself, and learning to look at life in a different way. If you can see what is broken, then you can express how to heal. Your healing is an action by you and for you. Another person can support you, they however can not do it for you. Your karma is your creation, by your design, therefor it’s yours to heal.
* What if we don’t learn from a karmic relationship? We don’t have the choice not to. Conscious or unconscious, big steps or little steps, in this life or the next… “We are always moving forward”. Conscious steps just insures not repeating it.
* When we have heart-ache or feel a heavy heart, that’s you not honoring yourself and not having healthy boundaries. The heavy feeling we call heart-break is the one time when we can physically feel the ego; ego that loud and obnoxious voice that creates separation between us and anything good in our lives. It’s that nagging voice in the back of the head that says: “you don’t deserve happiness”. To move out of this situation, we start by looking carefully at what is the dysfunctional ego; how does it rain chaos in our relationships. Then from there we begin to take ownership of that chaos and start the practice of boundaries, and from there the clarity of the ego-less relationship begins.
* How do you know if your attraction is karmic? If you have an attraction, passion and even devotion for someone other than God, then yes it is karmic in some fashion. It’s when we see more of God in the world then ego. Then from this action we find that we are with our partner simply because they are fun to be with, and not because we feel that they complete us. Karma is simply the journey of coming back to center; back to mental, emotional and spiritual balance, and when we arrive at that very center we then come into alignment with our god-self instead of our ego-self. And like the rose bud, we can’t force it. Each person’s journey of healing is completely unique onto them.
* How do karmic relationships end? It has that distinctive feeling of coming full cycle, as it becomes complete. It ends by you practicing forgiveness everyday until you no longer have the need to be in control of the situation; be the one who is right, have the need to be heard by them, or even have the need to be seen by them in any form. The intense attraction you had for them in the beginning has transformed into compassion. You’re no longer pulled and tugged at by the conditions of the relationship. You’ve found your wings.
* Do karmic relationships ever work? Sure they do, you just have to know which one you’re in. Do you have resentment more than 50% of the time? Do you have a difficult time being your authentic self. Do you have a love–hate relationship with this person? If so then I would say you’re in a challenging karmic relationship. If you have none of this, then you have been kissed by grace, and your karma comes through devotional service.
* Do karmic relationships ever end in love? Yes, when you have a loving heart toward your partner, even though you may have to go in separate ways. Karma ultimately teaches us to see and connect to “that of God in each of us”, including one’s self, and by doing so touch upon the essence of spiritual love and deep compassion for every one we meet.
Karma ends in love when the both of you are able to see, and speak out loud to each other about the space between you. That space being: time together, and time apart. As in knowing when your emotional needs are asking you for time apart, and this short gentle time apart is seen as something that nurtures the relationship. Because what ever bad feelings you may have, you will have processed out by the time you return.
* Karmic relationship! Now what?! Practice boundaries. Learn how to remove the dysfunctional ego, and by this we surround ourselves with self empowerment. Stand strong in the beautiful person you are, and when you fall out of balance learn what it was that tipped you over. Then correct it, and return to balance. When we learn to live in empowerment each relationship becomes rich and more vibrant than the last. “Especially when we match our new lover with the vibration of the empowerment that we are living”.
* Can karmic relationships improve?
Yes, when we learn to stay in balance within one’s self, and stay out of co-dependent behaviors. Then yes the relationship can improve. Whether we are conscious or unconscious about the lessons of the relationship, we are on some level working through to resolve. This is the nature of life, whether we like it or not, we are always moving forward.

*** What is Karma? it’s all those feelings and emotions that get stirred-up by people we love or hate. Karma is simply a way of describing unlearned lessons resulting from our own actions of cause and effect finding balance. It’s the soul’s journey of learning lessons that returns us home to The Loving God.
So why did the soul separate from God. Well, simply because for a moment it asked the question, “is there more than God”? And from that question the physical realm was created, and the long cycles of incarnations of karma. Earth is a class room, a training ground to teach and remind us that “there is only God”, and everything else is just an illusion.

My blessings to you…