When looking at the ego all we see is darkness. When I look out across humanity, and see people fighting with “what is”, I see people choosing the path of darkness. Everything that is negative, that produces the feelings of pain, shame, guilt, mistrust, losing ground, anger is the darkness of ego. This darkness is what it looks and feels like to be off our life-path. Because our true life-path is life affirming, pure joyful experiences, and bountiful abundance. Most are choosing to fight against this, instead of owning it. When something doesn’t easily come together, that means it’s out of alignment with what is life affirming and essential for your life to flourish.
When we sit in the mud of this darkness, and stare at what doesn’t work, we are choosing to dwell in that darkness. Instead of being revengeful, and choosing to hurt that person. Choose to forgive them, and bless them on their way, then step out of that situation. Remove ourselves from everything negative. Be very selective about how we program our minds. The art of discernment (the art of seeing beyond, and therefor make better choices) is a personal relationship we have with our environment, and a constructive tool when practicing boundaries.

“There is no wrong direction, only choices”. However, it is wise to say at some point we either learn the difference between the path that leads to darkness, or the path that leads to light, and somewhere in there hopefully we learn that we do have a choice.
When we feel frustrated, angry, shame, guilt… we are in the mud of darkness. We’ve all been there, so we all know all so well what darkness is. So when we are feeling frustrated, the way out of that space is to look straight at light and laughter, and what that is. Then choose to dwell in that environment. Or we look at the situation/activity we were in, and choose not to participate in that again. Or we go as far as to look at the people we surround ourselves with that either bring joy or sadness.
When we ask ourselves “does this inspire and energize me”, for situations we’re thinking about engaging in, or people to to be involved with, and by following the “yes” of this question we surround ourselves with joyful abundance.

As we go through the process of doing our inner work (as in changing fear into love), we remove all the junk that clogs the channels for that abundance to flow freely. Darkness holds back our abundant life, holding it in limbo until we wake up from the illusion of fear; the illusion that this is all there is, and step out into the light and life affirming self awareness; finding that space within yourself that is joyful, feeding your mind with something that makes you laugh, instead of angry. So when you’re feeling down find something to laugh at, shift that ugly awareness into joy… Change the channel.
In the beginning it may take a while to get out of that mud. However with practice we learn to catch it sooner: “oh I’m doing it again”, then shift the pattern. The faster we bounce back from this, the less and less time we spend in darkness, and the more joyful abundance fills our experiences. Being able to think yourself out of that maze; solving  these problems happens more readily when we choose to be light-hearted.

So notice the difference when something that is a challenge to overcome, or something that comes easily and effortlessly to you. If I want to buy a new something and the money is not coming easily for it, then it’s simply not meant to be at this time. Or if I want to say something to her, and the words aren’t coming clear, then I’m not meant to share this at this time, or this kind of information is not for her to understand, and I must rephrase my words. Discover what comes into alignment easily and what does not, then give your precious attention to what does, and watch your life flourish.
This has nothing to do with your “comfort zone”, this has everything to do with the construction of your life-path, as it comes to you, and your involvement in that unfolding.
Your life is waiting for you to come into alignment with this understanding for the joy that life is.

My blessings to you…