The governments of the world have some growing pains to go through, and as they do so it may be wise to learn some off grid skills. Growing your own food, creating a warm, dry shelter. Those who are turning their lawns into gardens, intuitively know that something is coming forward.

Tuning out the negative in the world, being very selective in what we expose ourselves to if anything at all. Each day that we focus on happiness prepaves the emotional adventures for the following day. Looking ahead and prepaving today for the blessings of tomorrow. This closer connection to our personal environment promotes good will and life affirming awareness.

Meditate on god awareness whatever that is for you. Meditation changes the way our bodies deal with disease and injury, because as the bodies frequencies shift into a higher field it heals easier. The governments of the world know this, and work hard at keeping our vibration low through anger and aggression, highly processed food, and pollution of all sorts. Meditation that raises us into a higher awareness grants us intuitive navigation to what is healthy, as well as a body that can handle some of that junk.
A higher awareness shifts our vibrational field into something that spins faster, and therefore collects less dirt; for there’s nothing there for it to stick to. This higher awareness also creates room for problem solving where it becomes a win-win; opens that door into intuitive thought.

The world is shifting away from the 3rd Density awareness into the 4th Density awareness. Away from karmic fueled interactions, and into love awareness; ways in which we are the same and not different, ways in which we can connect instead of only seeing separation. Know there will always be conflict, the difference being the volume in its angry direction, and the change coming from a higher awareness. The momentum of this wave has already started, whether we peacefully march in the streets, or meditate on higher awareness, they both add to this wave. Doing nothing, or acting out of anger slows it down, however this wave will continue, and it will effect everyone. Moving with this change opens a profound awakening within each of us. Fighting against it sinks us deeper into our grief.
All this stems from what we feed our thoughts with, what we color our environments with, find a peaceful rhythm, and your life will be happy and productive.