This is the time of the planets coming into alignment, and bringing with it opportunities and possibilities. This is also a time to be aware of our reactions around love and fear, creating very real consequences from these choices. This alignment is asking us to pay close attention to the quality of our emotions. Responding to the instant gratification of the lower-self may sink us deeper into that mud. While a response from a higher awareness will bounce us out of that lesson, and enjoy smooth sailing.
For the next two months our emotions may be stretched a little, as this opportunity is asking us to look at life from a higher perception. Because from this seed of our desire is everything necessary for it to bloom into fulfillment.
Also be mindful of the other people around us, and give them a little extra space, because not all of us have our emotions in check.
This is not a time to look at what the world in not doing “right”. This is a time to be mindful of who you are, and where you stand, even if you stand together with yourself. The reasons for doing so will set the stage for future events. The story that you tell when you are describing yourself needs to be in alignment with who you want to become. Breath in the blessings around you, let the influence of life love you, and come into alignment with the precious gift you know you are.

Not only our solar system, yet everything we experience is expanding it’s vibrational field; the earth is growing up. She is shifting from a third dimensional awareness, and into the fourth.
So we are discovering that our old-school thinking no longer creates the joy that it once did, it instead creates even more chaos. Parents that want to control change in the family dynamics through anger. Or governments that govern by fear will fail miserably, simply because love is now the new guiding force that seeds our good will, and if they shift their awareness to love they will profit a thousand times grater than before. This old-school approach no longer works simply because this world is resonating from a much higher perception. This alignment of the planets is sealing this deal; the awareness in the collective mind has accumulated to this final step, and the alignment of the planets is bringing this awareness out of the either and into the physical expression. The earth expression is an accumulation of that influence of everything that makes up Earth, and this influence supports the driving desire of the collective mind. So it is not possible to go back to our old understanding of how the older world worked, that time has passed.
A lot of people who aren’t able to make that vibrational shift are leaving, and will be reincarnated into a body that is made for that frequency.
However those who focus on love, will have a smoother transition.

Go in peace.