When we “fight” against anything, we loose. We get exactly what it is that we are fighting (we have that genie in the bottle experience). We fight against drugs, we become addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. We fight for our freedoms, we lose our freedoms at a staggering rate.
When we fight against something, then we are reacting from a place of fear, and therefor we set ourselves up for an experience of restriction. In the law of attraction the word “fight” is just as powerful as the word “love”, as in creating one’s direction.
So, why fight it, instead “create” what it is that we do want, and we’ll have a far more positive outcome.
In the world of ranching: if you have the belief that if you keep spraying weeds eventually they will all die off. In truth this is not so. By spraying, the growth of the succession rate of the plants is withheld; by killing one weed another simply takes its place.
In truth, if we plant the grasses that we “do want”, then “that” will choke out the weeds. The creation supplies more of what we want to see. By only seeing the weed, we only see the problem, and therefor we only react. If we look beyond the problem of the weeds to the grasses that want to grow, and support them, we get a win win.


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