It’s darker just before the light. Today’s technology has us asking advice from it, and creating a leadership void. Giving way to the separation of advice from those who came before us. Ego’s perception of knowledge is to run off everyone else, and operate under one’s own accord, “I don’t need any direction, I know what I’m doing”! The complete opposite of community.
We are taught independence from a very young age, and this independence separates us from the wisdom of our elders. So we are seeing huge volumes of lost knowledge because of this. Ego-driven mechanized countries with cities and huge urban areas, where the expression of community is loosing it’s grip. Most third world countries and cultures don’t have this practice. City living and values are no longer practicing the art of community, and this cycle of knowledge from elder to youth repeats down through the generations. In ancient times we would call this “the time of forgetting”. This is why the knowledge of ancient cultures just stop, they are just gone, it was no longer being received. At least today we have the privilege of putting together books of knowledge, that will be received when this time passes. Still, it’s not the same thing as in learning from the original master.
This is not something we can fix, it just needs to run it’s course. For the rest of us, we either find those interested in listening or like me, put it in print.

My blessings be with you…