100_1392Something all men need to remember: women hear everything you plan to do and file it away in their minds. So as the relationship continues, they are looking for you to fulfill that promise, even though to you it doesn’t seem to be a promise, and when it’s not fulfilled she begins to loose faith in you as a provider. This is an automatic emotional response, as part of her instinctual behavior, and part of how women process information in relationships, and NOT something she can change.
Part of how a man pulls in a woman on a date, is by sharing his ideas and plans for their union. Everything that is spoken out loud with her, needs to be produced. This includes all ideas of doing things, going places or owning things. A man who is a good provider will always perform the plans he speaks of, and this in turn will build a closer connection with her.
When a man shares plans and promises without truly having the intention of actually doing it, he will find himself in the bewilderment of his woman’s wrath, and not understanding where all this resentment came from!? “Well buddy, this is it”.
It is exceptionally important for a man to do what he says he will, or ONLY keep those ideas in his thoughts. This needs to be an active practice for most men, or get used to the idea of living in the doghouse.
However to those in which this action comes naturally, you can skip over this exam, for you have already passed this class.