When we think of the tipping point between positive and indifference, in our crazy world today. It’s not about the head count that makes the difference, it’s about the expressive use of love instead of fear, and it’s about God awareness. If your God-awareness equals the awareness of ten people, then the balance tips. The idea of “the tipping point” came from spiritual awareness, so you would think it would stay out of the realm of human concepts.
God-awareness is the ability to see and understand the inclusion of many possibilities, this awareness also feels compassion instead of judgement to all things of indifference.
What’s going to peacefully carry us through this time of unrest in the world is this God-awareness. To deliberately remove oneself from situations that create over-the-top judgements.
Keeping the thoughts in the present moment will reduce stress and suffering. And the other guy can act as crazy as they want, until the moment they physically slam into you… Meanwhile, nothing is happening to you. In the same way that fearful expressions bring on more fearful experiences, loving expressions bring on more loving experiences.

It’s so fascinating to watch the polarizing responses from those who react from fear and those who act from love.
Example: Social media, when there’s a topic, and those who get caught up in bickering and wonder off-topic, are those who are responding from fear. The ones who are able to stay on topic, are acting from love while expressing anger, and are going to be the ones who solve the problems.
If you find yourself acting just from fear, you can change that. Behavior can be altered, and that has to come from you. Notice, “oh I’m doing it again”, and change the pattern. The way out of fear is through trust.

Be happy-be well.
My blessings to you… All.