000_0006In the beginning of a relationship we give up our heart so easily, “here take my heart, do with it as you wish”. How easily we give up our trust, how easily we forget who we are and get so completely lost in the other person. Romantic love is so bright, and so blinding. The contrast is so great between the beginning, where we give it up freely in the eyes of the world, and the end, where we are so mad that we are shredding the other person’s character in the eyes of the world.
As friends we can tell each other ANYTHING, talk about all the little secrets that turn us on, and those that turn us off. What kind of people make the best relationships and why. However, the moment sex crosses that line, and we go from friends into lovers ALL that changes. All of a sudden we don’t want to say anything that might imply rejection of any kind. And what was something as solid as a rock, is now more fragile than an egg. And that is why we suffer!!!
Love is such a primal reaction, it’s that need for security, and the other end of that is the complete fear of rejection. Which can be heavier in women than men, simply because of children.
When we give it up so easily, and have those feelings of “forever”. All that comes from spiritual memory, of the time spent in the Spirit World. Where that memory is so potent, that’s why it’s so easy to have those feelings of “happiness forever”. However, that’s also the reason why we clash so hard during the difficult times or at the end of relationships. We are here on earth in the physical realm, which deals with the lessons of duality. So if we were smart, we would go into a relationship with the clarity of knowing that all relationships are limited. Everything in this realm has a beginning, middle and an end. “Forever” does not exist on earth, even though we would like it to. The sexual orgasm is a physical reminder of the Spirit World, because the feeling of being in the presences of God is just like a continuous orgasm. And as much as we would love for that depth of connection with our lover, it’s just not possible because of duality and ego.

So if we have the clarity when entering a relationship of the limitations of it, the heart-break at the end will be much, much less. Especially if it’s spoken of often throughout the relationship. Strength of character always comes through when life gets pinched. Take away something of value and you find yourself in the midst of adversity, and still your response is of love. How to find someone who also has that, means walking into it with “eyes wide open“. There will be times when love can sweep you away, and there will be times when it’s important to be awake, alert and paying attention. The lessons of duality can be quite harsh when we’re not paying attention. So be honest about limitations, and embrace the sexy details of the present moment.
“Forever does exist in the ego-less relationship“. If we want loving balance in our intimate relationships, it will require inner work. Toning down the ego is on-going inner emotional work. However, it is what creates harmony… Having courage to own your egoic emotions, taking ownership of all your own feelings, and changing your perceptions to look at it in a new light requires on-going focus. The more practice the better you get at it, however the moment you let go, it’ll come up and bite you in the butt. It is an on-going thing. This is the path less traveled, because less than one percent of the world population will understand this well enough to put it into action. Most will think this is too big and too scary to confront. They love it when it’s words on a page, however that’s as far as they go.
Be one of those that has passions of the heart, and the courage to act from a new direction. For every step we take in a new direction, we change the world.