June 2014 005In a relationship it is so important to honor yourself, as much or more than you honor the other person. Because when the other person makes you mad by failing your expectations to treat you the way you think you deserve, and to help the other person to know what it is that makes you happy moment by moment, it helps for you to communicate it to them by acting from your personal integrity. Instead of them always taking the lead on the direction of the relationship. Step up, make some decisions and follow through. Sitting quietly in the corner and not saying anything, won’t make it better. It makes it worse, because now they have to guess what it is that you need. If you stand up for yourself and end up losing the relationship, than you’re not meant to be with them. Every failed relationship brings you closer to that one which works, and when we insert our personal power, the one that ends up working is one of our own design. Because the hand we have in it is our own.
If the relationship fails because you have given your personal power to them to make the decisions for you in the relationship, and now you’re unhappy because it’s not what you would have done. Be and live the action you want to see, because when love is in the action than love is in the outcome, and if it doesn’t, than “take the action that does”! If you want love in your life, you have to follow it! Make corrections according to what makes you happy. Have the courage to step away from a relationship the moment you get that intuitive hit that something isn’t quite right. Allow those “red flags” to steer your course out of the darkness and into the light of your happiness.
“Wisdom is knowledge in motion, so be the wisdom. Be the change you want in your own life”. Life doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life. When life happens “to us” we are acting from lack and from fear. However, when we happen “to life” we are acting from love and from abundance, and from personal power. “Let the journey begin by putting your best foot forward”.

My blessings to you…