Understanding the genie in the bottle, more importantly understanding the right questions to tickle the genie out of the bottle. The book/movie “The Secret” really doesn’t explain what you have to become to get the genie out of that bottle.
We are spiritual beings first, the human experience is just a sliver of this total experience. When we follow God’s law we have incredible influence over physical matter and how life unfolds. When we choose to follow human laws of attraction we find ourselves dodging the lessons of duality.
God’s law is the lesson that opens the expression of absolute love or “that excitement of happiness”, its learning to love instead of fight. It’s bringing the child like joyful innocents out of your core-self then out to play. Happiness and excitement brings us directly into alignment with the flow of abundance. Not only is this the essence you become, it also becomes your outward expressions. So what we’re doing here is transforming the awareness, and we’re transforming our vibrational frequency to match the goodness we’re asking for. Anything that is asked from the genie/God has to rise up in frequency to meet the occasion. “Can’t behave the same way and get different results”.
Which means stepping away from anything that creates drama, because drama pulls us out of this connection, and creates incredible discord. Like a lost language. Some would see it as magic, yet the truth of it is it’s our Divine heritage, hidden in plain sight.

When we have a goal, a hope, or even a desire, from there we connect to emotion that the desire stirs, and finally we fill the body with a feeling of completion as if the desire has been fulfilled.
So, a desire created first in the mind as a thought, then that desire slides down to the belly where we find the emotion of what’s it like to have that desire. After connecting with the emotion, we then allow that emotion to fill the entire body with the feeling of having the desire fulfilled.
This exercise is accelerated when one is also in the Alpha state of mind. Which is what happens when we quiet the mind, spirit and environment. All while gazing at the flame of a candle. [More on the page Spiritual Earth Connections under the section of Manifestation]
This way of prayer is a way of asking to fulfill our desires. The asking of God is to connect to the emotion of who God is, as in raising our awareness and vibrational frequency into those higher forms of emotional love and gratitude. Then the piece that brings it all together, allow this feeling of completion [as the need has been fulfilled] to fill the body.

The governments of the world are terrified of us connecting to this level of manifestation, because they would no longer be able to control us. Any act of connecting to spiritual guardians opens our psychic centers, and gives us the ability to see what is hidden. 2012 is the center point of our light-bodies awakening, and our governments are terrified of us seeing them, because they are no longer working in our best interests. This path and connection to The Spirits is a counterbalance to governments playground, because it opens our third eye. Sometimes we need more than two eyes to see what is important.