Bad boys can be extremely exciting, because they are in the process of searching for what it is they want. Constantly on the move, new adventures as nothing stays the same. Although the other side of that is bad boys tend to have an emotional slippery slope, and can act out frustration a lot because they feel lost in not being able to hold onto what they want. Anger is very predictable, you don’t know when or where, you just know it will happen again.
For good guys they are incredibly boring, simply because they have found what it is they want early in the game, and they know what it takes to build it. They act from love and are very unpredictable, because love moves them in acts of kindness, which can go in all different directions, and not always knowing what direction they might step in next. And the down side of good guys is they can be too soft.

Women by nature are attracted to the physical body of a man, and more women than not instinctively want a man to physically fight for her honor, over solving the problem diplomatically. Even though their desire of the family man is to be nurturing.
Intellectual women have a tendency to want to change their bad boys into becoming more sensitive and nurturing.
Intuitive and clairvoyant women have a tendency to guide a good guy into standing straight, or bring out the back-bone in him.
Trying to change a bad boy is as easy as changing the tides, as they fight change tooth and nail. While helping a good guy to understand what a women desires can be far lasting and character building, because he’s excited about growing into the space of becoming whole within himself. Bad boys are loud and out to make a statement. Good guys are quiet and their adventures have them blending into the landscape.
Younger women by far are more attracted to bad boys, as older women are to good guys. “When you think you know women, than you surely know your goose is cooked”. Men and women are so completely different from one another, “and then add in personality”. No matter what direction we choose in our lives, we will always learn something completely amazing and unique about ourselves.


Lesson learned:
I’ve always known why, I’ve just not liked it. Those women choose bad boys over this good guy simply because they are not meant for me. And the lesson learned is self worth / self value. Coming into alignment with someone of my equal.