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On Valentines day you would think that love’s expressions would be in abundance, and for some reason it’s not. Valentines has become a day of high expectations of receiving gifts not in the privacy of your home, yet out in the view of the public eye. It all started off simple as in a note of appreciation, something as simple as in a symbol of affection, and today it may take many hundreds of dollars to express that symbol. And this has become a one way street that men have to perform.
It’s men’s least favorite holiday of the year over all. Men by nature are very romantic beings. However, to be romantic we have to be given the space and freedom to be spontaneous in our own timely fashion. Valentines day is “romance on demand”, and when all the men in the world are doing the very same thing on that same day, how is it to be special?! If you communicate to your man that Valentines Day is important to you and why, and you give him the freedom of choosing what day of the year that falls on. You may be surprised at how much more creative he can be, or how the year fills up with lots of little Valentines.
Celebrate Valentines and Christmas every day of the year; become the essence those days teach, and learn your partners love language.

The secret thing women want from men, is they want a hero, and the secret thing men want to be for women… is a hero. This inner nature can only flow through spontaneity, nurture this natural flow. When we open up to the truth that is hidden behind the veil of secrets, we find common ground and deeper intimacy.
So as Valentines day draws near, drop the symbols of affection, and express the real thing.
{Thank you to Alison for your encouragements}

The Five Languages of Love
* Words of affirmation
* Acts of service
* Affection
* Quality time
* Gifts
Take the time to talk with your lover about your love-language, so they have a clear view of what tickles your happy bone.

There are so many places where we fight against who we are, and get less than perfect results. Where we think we know how the world works, yet we couldn’t be further from the truth.
This is one of them, where we’ve let our heads believe in something that only the heart knows the truth of.
Let the quiet waters of our heart’s inner stillness, speak the wisdom of our colorful direction, and create a smooth roadway along the mountainous landscape of your relationships.

My blessing to you… and may your Valentines be a daily experience.