Writing and expressing one’s self is such a personal moment. The color in the direction we choose can be as unique as the lines on your hand. How we express ourselves reflects the quality of the path we follow.
There’s a movement in how the words flow together, as in how easy it is to read. Some concepts create jagged edges and we have to go back and reread it to get the concept, so I’ll reread my work and listen for that flow.

I use simple words instead of big words. I find when I use big complicated words my audience gets smaller, So if I use words that a third grader can understand my audience will be greater. It’s also very clear to me that WordPress is an avenue of talking to the world, and choosing expressions that everyone can understand.

Some words I don’t like to use like “but”. “But” is a word of separation, it separates you from the reader, or it separates the reader from the concepts. If you want to connect to the reader and give them a feeling of including, then you may want to drop that word. The word “and” is one of including and connection. If it’s really difficult in not using the word “But”, then I’ll use the word “Yet” or “although”, which I find to be a lot less jagged and sharp.

Through out all my posts, I do my best to not use the word “you” so much when describing a practice. Because I find the reader will stay more focused when the content is not directed completely at them, as in putting them in the spotlight. So I use words like “we, us and our” instead of “you”.

* There is a meditation that helps to quiet the inner chatter.
Take 5 to 10 minutes a day and listen to something constant, bells, running water… Quiet your inner chatter and focus your attention on the sound. Every time a thought comes up acknowledge it and let it go like a passing cloud, and return to the sound.
This practice will free up the mind and make space for more creativity. It will also bring forth clarity of thought. Which will crack-open writers block.

* Something I used to do in my early days of writing, and that was to pick out a post-card, put myself into the picture and write about it. Create a story around it.

May you find the words that express your true authentic self.

PS If you want to respond to this post, please do so in English, thank you.