005 (5)Sacrifice is a man-made concept, God intended no one to sacrifice anything ever [except with children]. Man created it because it’s a helpful tool in teaching obedience and practice. However, as we step into those more refined details of a deeper relationship with Spirit and life, and enter that world of abundance, we no longer need that practice. It takes focus and attention to know when it’s time to shift. Life has an easy natural flow, and when we step off that path life begins to look like a mess. Sacrifice and God don’t belong in the same sentence together.

Human sacrifice comes from an extreme. All religions have their extremes, or where the practice has gone so far that it is now out-of-balance. Human sacrifice DOES NOT please the Gods, it does nothing and creates more chaos.
Hollywood loves the term, because it sells movies. Hollywood and the movie industry doesn’t care about what is truth. For Hollywood everything is taken out of context; out-of-order.

Sacrifice is a term that we use when describing survival. However, “survival” and “a deep meaningful relationship” don’t mix, to have one you have to let go of the other.
If we take the time to look closely at the details, and choose love as the lens of our vision. We can see beyond sacrifice and into a co-creating environment. To accelerate into higher learning / higher living we will have to be okay with seeing beyond sacrifice, and step into the world of abundance.