June 2014 017The “I AM experience” is a relationship with Spirit that is eye to eye. “I AM” is the Full Activity of God, or that “God in Action” in you.
In the beginning of this path of finding God we follow the teaching by first learning it through obedience, many lifetimes of discipline and practice. In the beginning of the path as a healer, we follow a line of thinking that we have to do things in an order for the healing to happen. This is healing with ego and healing through Will, and this ritual of practice is essential for understanding connection to Spirit and self value. However, it’s not what makes it work. The “I AM experience” is a connection to Spirit without agenda, and without ego. It’s tapped into through the Higher Self or the God Self, the one place where there is no ego. A strong clean cord, a direct line and an instant reply as if we were one. Making the art of moving and manifesting energy fun and exciting, because it’s a co-creation with Spirit. I am not powerful alone. What makes me a powerful healer is the clean cord of connection to The Spiritual Guardians. My focus and attention while in the healing space is upon that connection. Actually that focus and attention is not just a practice to accomplish a task, it is the quality of my life, as in apart of my “life statement”; it is the journey I walk.
I understand it takes lifetimes to learn the value of one’s self-worth, as I stand here I have great compassion for those on this path. Because the greatest lesson from this is self-value, and again it’s because we give far more than what we get, and that all comes from healing through the Will of ego, not the Will of God.
The spiritual warrior in me is cutting a trail in the direction of resolving self karma, and learning self-value and self-loyalty.
I am looking forward to the next realm along this journey of returning home to God. To which there are 14 realms to master before arriving in the homeland of God, and even then the journey of learning truth continues. Because our Spirit and it’s journey is infinitely more eternal than the distance between the stars.
My blessings to you…

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