When we are processing a lot, or when we are feeling vulnerable, as in there is someone or something that is pushing into our personal space without permission, that is a good time to pull up your shields. To create a bubble or shield around you that says “this far, no further”! It’s so important to protect the gift that you are from those who want to put out your light, control or want it for themselves or a dark source who wants to experience your light, and suck you dry. Or if there are people in a board meeting you don’t really trust, if you shield yourself before going in they won’t be able to suck your precious energy, and you can stand in your power with better ease. Shielding with a bit of practice can be a very profound tool. Having a need to shield ourselves may be for countless reasons and the outcome from doing so can be very powerful.

Using your imagination at first helps a lot, and using intention as in the intention to close a door and keep them on the other side of it. When we are shielding out the negative dark energy, it’s important to not make yourself brighter. Some people think if they make their inner light brighter that, that will cancel out the darkness. This is not so, this in fact draws in more of what you’re trying to protect yourself from. What’s important is to make your shield stronger. What makes your shield stronger is your vibrational frequency has to be higher than the darkness is low. Or your connection to Spirit/God has to be stronger than your belief in darkness. Vibration is awareness is consciousness. To raise your awareness into those higher fields of God connection. The practice of energy shielding becomes stronger when we have a daily practice of bringing Spirit/God in close, as in being wrapped in a warm blanket, and close like a lover. This practice builds and strengthens your connection, and gets you used to the feeling of that connection.
Asking your spirit guides to come in close and assist you is always a very powerful tool. Asking “Archangel Michael” to come in close and guard and protect you can be powerful as well. He is a very accessible Archangel. Just call him by name “Archangel Michael” and state your protective need. Then end the request with an “Amen”.
This form of psychic shielding works really well against those who like to practice psychic rape. If you wake up in the middle of the night feeling violated, Say out loud “Archangel Michael surround and protect me from those who want to harm me, Amen”. Then wrap him in your warm blanket of trust and gratitude.

* Palms facing in, arms crossed, right hand on left collar-bone, left hand on right collar-bone. In a sweeping motion, swing your hands down quickly in front of yourself, until fingers are pointing at the floor. Create an intention in your mind to be protected from outside influences. As in closing the door to your inner private space.
* If you have any Reiki training, using the Power symbol [cho-koo-ray] can be a very effective tool. Draw the symbol on your chest and back, then push this bubble out away from yourself, across the room, beyond the house, the yard… as far as you want to go. This action pushes the negative force away from you and keeps it out. You can also energetically draw the symbol on the four walls of your room as shielding. The application of this Reiki symbol is endless.
* A meditation of God connection in combination with an open heart and open 3rd chakra [the power center]. This combination activates the co-creation with Spirit, and in itself is a shield. Because you’re in the field of “God in Action”.
Bad things happen to you because you have a belief in ego, and ego is the absolute opposite of God. Connect to God and you shut out ego. An effective way of shielding is in pulling up a curtain of God that wraps around you, and this curtain is white because white is the color and vibration of God (or whatever your language is for God).
* If your dealing with a negative person with dark energy, use the Reiki Power symbol to create a shield bubble that extends beyond your out stretched arms to the ends of your fingers. And if you don’t have Reiki training, someone who does can shield you day by day.
* For those with Munay-Ki training: Reach back behind your shoulders, with the imagination, grab a hold of your aura, and pull it over your head down in front of you to the floor. This shielding practice works best when we can stay actively grounded. If you want to shield another person, first shield yourself, then repeat, except instead of pulling down in front of you, reach out over their head and down in front of them as if they were in the room with you.

The best thing you can do when dealing with someone with dark energy is to walk away. Give them no attention, remove yourself from their presence, no matter what it takes. They are here to teach you the duality of light and dark, as well as issues around self-worth. Once someone has crossed over to the dark side, no one except them can change the path their on. All we can do is get out of their way. They feed on our light and control us by fear. They get excited by creating drama, and they will not stop until you walk away [this action may not be in their conscious mind, so asking them to change may not be in their awareness to do so]. In trying to change them we end up walking their karmic path with them, and a good entanglement to avoid. This action creates a lot of self karma, even as good as our intentions can be. The power of compassion and forgiveness will help them 1,000 time more, than if we were to try to carry the weight for them.

When you get stronger with shielding, you can when needed extend your shields to protect another person no matter where they are.
Also practicing good healthy Boundaries and Personal Power will create happy space.
Cutting cords of emotional attachment is another way of shielding, because it’s a way of disconnecting the cord that feeds another person of your precious energy. Especially when it comes to undesirable sex partners, or sexual history that you’re ready to clear.

* Any time you have thoughts of what it’s like to feel or be around dark energies, you will inadvertently draw in that experience, and how that experience unfolds is not a conscious choosing.
* Go to the Page “Tool Box” for further tools in dealing with outside influences.
I find this such a valuable gift to pass on.