June 2014 011To speak of the love of dedication and devotion is easy, for words are easily preached. However, the life of a spiritual warrior is one who goes beyond words, deep into the depths to live his life as an outpouring of gratitude, love and respect. A space that creates support for the steps that are followed. The spiritual warrior is completely convinced of the one simple fact of life… that he is a spiritual being and a reflection of the Divine wellspring, and life to him is the supreme opportunity to unfold his spiritual wings in every situation of life, not only in a church, temple or Energy Wheel, yet everywhere and in all times. Because life to a spiritual warrior is a continuous unshakeable trust in the truth of his divine heritage, and the joy of his ability to share in his realization. His demonstration comes moment by moment, as he lives a life of sturdy determination to his utmost to rise higher into the light within him. It is a pledge of sincerity to himself, through purity of thought and strength of action.

To me every life on the planet is a unique “Riddle of Light”.