048When we’ve had a trauma in the past that was not dealt with; troubled feelings from long ago. We have been taught by conventional medicine and therapy, to reach back into the past to get in-touch with those feelings. Which may take a year or more to dig up those feelings and deal with them. This is a process of old thinking, and serves the therapist more than anybody. When we go back into the past, back into memory. As we go into this process, the cells begin to change back into the vibrational frequency of how you were in that time. So the body is distorting itself to go back to an old frequency that no longer serves, all in the name of memory. This is very hard on the body, and another reason for the body to age so fast.
The best way to deal with these emotions is in this present moment, to deal with feelings as they arise. If we deal with emotions as they happen even when dealing with memories of the past, it’s still 1000 times better for you than trying to recapture something that happened long ago. True power to change anything, is in the gift of the present.
Not all will agree with this, and that is okay too.