Energy wheels023I had 4 Energy wheels set up in the middle of a large piece of property for 20 years, and it wasn’t until I took them apart and removed them did I realize how much they had changed the space. Activated Energy wheels will change the vibration of a space as it comes into alignment with love and harmony. When I took the wheels apart, as the energy collapsed it was nothing like I had ever experienced before. It was huge and nearly pushed me over. The energy came down from above like sheer winds from a storm, very powerful and very intense. The space returned to the rawness of nature, the contrast went from the influences of harmony to the taking essence of nature. Huge differences, animals behaving like wild animals instead of yielding, more threatening forest fires, and the change came flooding back in as the shields came crumbling down. This experience was very profound because it was so much in my face, as to the contrast between before and after. These wheels didn’t belong to a client, they were mine because I started off by living on location for other reasons, and these folks weren’t in the position to purchase these wheels.
Before disassembling each Energy wheel, I spent time giving thanks for all this wheel had taught and provided. When I was finished the location looked as untouched as when I had arrived.
It was an amazing experience to have that opportunity as I did, and I learned volumes in the process.
The love wheel with Montana aventurine and some rose quartz, for love