010A path started with an interest in something, A passion which leads to another, which leads to another. A persons life is made up of many paths all woven into one. So I have a deep and often off the map path that my love’s expression follows, I have a profound spiritual path, I have a strong and persistent ethical path when it comes to relating to others, I have a delicious creative path of expression. I have a curious path of wonder … and all these paths started with a simple inner passion, something that sparked the first step. Each person is here following a path, and it is by design their own calling. Always choose that, that makes you happy… that, that feeds your soul.
This path is all about you, not them. How are they to learn who you are if you are following their path? To find the gift that you are, follow the passions you feel, and surround yourself with people that empower your experiences. For those people will nurture and support this amazing gift that you are.
May the path you follow, be lit with blissful blessings…