030So many people where drawn to Jesus and not just for his healing, they were drawn to his inner light, and he had an ocean of it. Every human being has healers light or Christ Energy. Some have more of this amazing inner light, simply because we are doing more of our emotional inner work (it’s that yummy gooey feeling we get when we are around them). When we take the time to look within one’s self to our inner challenges that create disruption in our lives, and work to transform those patterns into something a bit more positive. Both inside and outside of ourselves. Transforming fearful thoughts into love and gratitude through the art of forgiveness. This process of Forgiving “that” which we feel when someone pushes our emotional buttons, we release from our emotional field and release back to God. This inner work brings about clarity of one’s perspective, and clarity of positive action in perspective to other people. As we work to clean out the cobwebs of distortion we come into alignment with Source Energy/God. If you are a channel of spiritual wisdom this inner work will strengthen and brighten your silver cord of connection to The Guardian Spirits. If your not doing your inner work, then your messages will be filtered through your own egoic projections. The indicator in this: is your outer life reflects your inner life… feel joyous, speak joyfully, and you will draw in joyful experiences.
The language of the healer’s light/Christ Energy is ALL about love; the way we communicate, express our passions, the quality of work we provide, the home resembling a sanctuary, the messages that comes through us to others, the high integrity we represent, all this and more is the personality of this light. And so often than not, it’s mistaken for romantic love. Have you ever gone to a therapeutic workshop and came out all emotionally shinny and squeaky clean? Where most will hear words of love, when we really mean gratitude and joy.
The benefits of doing our inner work raises our frequency and brings us vibrationally closer to Source Energy/God, kindling our inner light, and from that connection prayers are answered with lightning speed… as if we were one. The byproduct of this inner light is subconsciously people gather around you just to experience this light, and children will gather out of no-where, they make eye contact and just light up like a Christmas tree. Prosperity falls in abundance about you, luck and good fortune becomes the air you breath. High integrity equals God’s protection and abundance.
This inner light is one of those amazing gifts from The Guardian Spirits that stays with you from life to life. Definitely a gift worth working toward.

* Both of the posts Healers Light and Power and being Powerful are very similar, because they are both amazing gifts that come as a result of doing emotional inner work, and creating a positive relationship with your inner self.