???????????????????????????????There are SO many people out there who have the need to have power or be powerful. Sexual power, personal power, healing power, spiritual power, financial power, controlling power, and for some the need is all consuming.
There is a video blog going around about a guy explaining how guys can have sexual power over women, because most men want to be able to turn on women at will. However, what he’s describing is subliminal sexual manipulation over women, which is very different from sexual power and that has a very distinctive difference once you’ve experienced it. Subliminal sexual manipulation gives the receiver an icky feeling, because he has the energy of taking without permission. Especially if she knows the difference between that and sexual empowerment… Huge night and day difference. Some of sexual power comes from a persons inner charm, however, most of it comes from the people around them. By giving that person our awareness of their sexual charm and sexual attention we make them powerful, take away that attention and they are no longer powerful.
So how do we connect to true power? Sexual power, healing power, spiritual power, personal power and financial power are all the result of doing inner emotional work. Learning to tone down the ego, learning to love instead of fight with people, learning constructive instead of destructive confrontation, learning how to be active instead of reactive, facing our fears, confronting our demons, and actively working through our issues. Allowing our integrity to build and manifest our inner potential. This inner discipline creates a clear and open channel to Source Energy, or spiritual abundance. Putting love and faith into The Loving God, which in itself brings out a sweet richness into the quality of our personality, that is comparable to nothing else. Because it heightens our vibrational frequency, as in closer to the frequency of pure love. Hence, being emotionally attractive. It’s that gooey feeling people get when they look at you.
Having trust in The Spiritual Guardians brings forth amazing abundance, luck and good fortune. It becomes the “genie in the bottle” experience, it’s us stepping into that flow of love and abundance in vibrational frequency, which happens because of our inner power to transform into those higher fields of awareness. Abundance; financial abundance; financial power is of a high vibrational frequency, and as we raise our vibration we attract that richness. This power/awareness comes from overcoming the ego’s limiting emotions; power over oneself so we’re no longer held back by what’s restricting life-giving. And this light makes visible the brilliant gift that you are, and that my friends is true power. Life unfolds with grace and beautiful things just happen to us when we are walking this path, and when we aren’t walking this path life resembles a mess. This is a signpost showing us when we’re on the path, and when we’re not. So we find by removing anger, resentment, guilt and shame people are drawn to that light you’ve become, which in turn makes you powerful. There’s nothing more powerful than someone walking with empowerment, or someone so bright.
However, if we abuse that power, we loose it all, and have to start over which may be years in the making. Practicing power through fear and manipulation creates a life and outer environment of fear and manipulation, anger, resentment, guilt and shame. By choosing to walk the path in the presents of Source Energy, we find this light so bright that it in itself ignites our own inner light, and this light is the power people respond to with joy and gratitude. Alignment made manifest, and so it is.

The world with it’s loud unrest, we are learning what power from fear looks and behaves like. However, when we deliberately move in the opposite direction and create power from love, we find profound connections and avenues that lead to personal truth, and by that we find grace and life-affirming abundance. By doing the inner work and maintaining this level of empowerment, people are drawn to us and respond in profound ways. Spiritual Guardians also respond with gifts of joy, these gifts come through the fields of prosperity, or what some would see as luck and good fortune. And amazingly enough this has nothing to do with religion, although if it helps you to get there by-all-means use it.

My blessings to you…