0402013 is “a year of the moon”; a year of full moon lunar energy. We all know how the energy of a full moon can pull and tug at our emotions, well think of 100 moons and not just once a month… ALL the time for a full year. For all those old souls out there, this year is going to tug and pull at us in ways we’re not used to. Mars has just gone into retrograde and in the sign of cancer [until July 20th], which means our emotions are going to be stretched and tested for the next month, yet this whole year will be a bit more intense for old souls. This years super moon was the start of it. This is happening to old souls first because we’re the one’s that will be helping the rest through later. This shift is about our RNA/DNA changing and our light-bodies are becoming brighter, this in turn will heighten our psychic abilities. All those people who where born in 1992 and since have already made this shift.
This is what I call “answered prayers”, because this brightening of our light-bodies, gives us the ability of perceiving right and wrong in others; organizations, companies, and governmental systems… anything that does not have the vibration of love is going to wither and fall away. The US government has been governing it’s people through fear; fear has been the mode of making money, well not any more [hence “answered prayer”], and “the powers that be… God”, supports this shift by creating circumstances that don’t follow the normal flow of projected statistics. We’re going to see more circumstances in which love and the global compassion’s will become the governing rule.
As systems of old crumble, it would help to give them a little more room to do so, because in their last-ditch-effort they may want to take you with them.

The awakening practice is a meditation in which we raise our vibrations up into the higher self, those higher frequencies of love and gratitude. An invite of bringing God up-close and personal. These higher fields will physically change the RNA/DNA. Meditate often. Also, when we’re in the space of the higher self, we’re out of the space of conflict. In the past we would deal with conflicts by hitting the other guy, which is a very low vibrational response. Today Spirit is asking us to respond from a higher frequency, “to solve a problem from a higher perspective than That of which it was created”.

Emotional lessons are off the chain [completely crazy], and the one thing that will get you through this is your connection with Spirit/God/Source.