Dec. 2013 013
No, an item such as a cross, statue, wand, ring, or religious item is sacred because through the eye of the imagination we believe it to be so. However, that belief and ritual is created to show us that that gift of the item has been inside us all along. An item or thing is created as part of ritual to bring us into spiritual alignment with God and therefore in alignment with creation, as we are creators ourselves.

In the situation of a haunting, negative energy can be attached to an item or thing because of our sticky emotional attachments [attachments are conditions, and a form of frequency], making the item a low vibrational piece. And an easy fix, simply by smudging the item with white sage [a little goes a long ways], will release those emotional attachments or frequencies of the past, and bring the vibrations into the higher fields of the present moment. An earth-bound spirit can attach itself to an item because of it’s low vibrational frequency, yet when we change the vibration or frequency of the item, the spirit is released from that attachment.
Earth-bound spirits are drawn to bars, pubs for the same reason. Oftentimes earth-bound spirits will take the opportunity to have a physical experience through us when we’ve been drinking or doing heavy drugs, because we are at our weakest point and expressing a very low vibration. Some people who drink a lot their eyes change color, and they become someone different… this is why.
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