Karma is in E-V-E-R-Y interaction, karma can be described as history with others, through healing and growth. Karma is a teacher, asking us in what ways can we be emotionally responsible. Karma is God’s tough-love to us.
Each person you feel a strong emotion for is a relationship that is dripping with karma. Whether it’s a lover, family, best-friend, boss, passer-by, any emotional interaction with people expressed in a moment or through a lifetime. We can even have karma with ourselves, as in not honoring and therefor finding balance with our self.
Karma holds you up against the other person in such a way that your experience of them is over-the-top intense. It holds you up against the wall or the other person, feet dangling in the air or floating in the clouds. Karma holds you there so you can’t move, forcing you to look at it. Karma gives you NO choice, it holds you there and has you face it!!! And the very moment you see the illusion in it, it drops you. Then sets you free, and from there we find new relationships with new lessons and new opportunities for growth. Each lesson learned moves our soul toward wholeness and home to God.

“Everything” that we think or do that is out of alignment with God is recorded and cataloged, and needs to be payed back with the balance of compassion. The action of this payback Spirit calls karma. Every thought [no matter how small] that is out of alignment with God, every emotion that is out of alignment, every action, and every spiritual notion that is out of alignment with God will be payed back as karma.
To those of us who have awoken to this truth, are serious in the way that understands the very real consequences of karma, and the conscious journey of returning home.
The book set –“Course in Miracles”, teaches us how to open, transform and to live with the guiltless mind.

Karma that is seen as a beautiful thing we call dharma, as in being paid back for good deeds [good deeds seen by humans and good deeds seen by Spirit can be two very different things].
Personal growth, as in removing the dysfunctional ego, brings balance toward spiritual freedom; spiritual love. Or the kind of dharma that comes through as devotion, or comes through generosity.
Bringing karma to completion does not mean ending the relationship. It means transforming your awareness, removing the dysfunctional ego, and acting from a clearer conscience. It means being realistic about who’s in control of your happiness. As in keeping clear of your individual identity in all its forms; you’re not getting lost in the other person. So the other person is not responsible for making you happy, you are, and when you follow and stay in control of your own happiness, then your life is empowered. You’re following your own happiness and your lover is along for the fun, as you are for them. If at any time you step into and be apart of the decision of another person, you ask yourself “does this inspire and energize me”? A simple yes or no, and by following that “yes” you surround yourself with empowerment, and that keeps you clear of karma! For this to work for you, you have to truly be honest to yourself.

Karma teaches us how to heal from ego’s romantic love, with all its sacrifices, pain and suffering, hoping for something better, and dread “here we go again”. And into the quiet waters of spiritual love, where support is granted for any direction you choose. Spiritual love is healed karma. “That” without attachments; “that” without conditions of love; “that” of a guiltless mind.

In the subject of relationships karma is that excitement and rush he has in standing in her presence, and there’s nothing wrong with this. Karma can be harsh and karma can be gentle. Bad karma comes as a sign when it becomes uncomfortable, and the interactions are no longer productive, feel healthy and or the excitement is gone, do we need to re-examine our role in it. Practicing boundaries and personal power reduces the karmic connection to almost zero, because so much of karma has to do with an unbalanced ego. Practicing boundaries is about removing the dysfunctional ego and being responsible with our reactive emotions. And if for some reason we can’t reach a resolve, then maybe we’ll have to change our course with that person.
Karma is a spiritual term, it describes a need to come back into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance resulting from cause and effect, from our own emotional reactions with people past and present. To talk of karma is a willingness to look into one’s soul’s journey and the steps that must be taken to move forward along our mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Or fulfilling the needs of the wholeness that we are becoming.
When we have a personality clash with our lover and we can’t seem to get past it, or no-matter what terrible thing was said and horrific thing was done… we keep going back for more. The act of “attraction” is divinely designed to hold you steady with that person, so the karmic lesson can unfold. I know this can be difficult to swallow. You can still enjoy the person while your with them. Just know that all love and hate relationships are moving in the direction of your spiritual growth for resolve. On its way to wholeness. This is the master design of the direction of life in any realm… to complete the cycles of incarnations and return home to God. What makes any relationship flow smoothly is the practice of healthy Boundaries, and real life consequences. However, karma comes in ways other than just relationships. Many diseases like cancer is karmic, anytime there is something that can’t be avoided and you have to go through the experience of it… is karmic.
The desire of having a relationship succeed comes because the attraction is So Great, and the experience can feel very powerful. Who wouldn’t want it to succeed. Karma’s one of those things that when we start to look at it, patterns begin to emerge that show the truth of it. When our conscious understanding moves beyond a certain point, we can no longer go back to our old understanding.

Wanting a karmic relationship to work, is a bit like thinking you can be your authentic self, while in the presence of the most beautiful person in the world to you. You may for the first 10 minutes, although by the end of the day you will become someone else. This nonalignment is deliberately designed by God to teach us non-attachment and impermanence. Because in truth, only the God realm is permanence.

Pure devotion does not need to say that it’s being loyal, devotion is the automatic action of loyalty. If you need to tell someone you’re going to be loyal to them, then your coming from a place of hesitation. Devotion as pure as it is, is still karma. It’s happy karma and a path worth getting lost in.

The ONLY way to experience love without karma, is to be without physical form and in the presence of God.
The closest thing to real love on Earth springs from the quiet waters of stillness, or spiritual love, this love has no attachments [conditions of love] to how long it will last, what direction it takes, or to whom its for. The practice of an ego-less relationship makes the defining edges of the relationship fuzzy, because trust is now automatic and “that” without question. An ego-less relationship is one in which you are constantly aware of the ownership and responsibility of your own emotional ego. Choosing an ego-less relationship is choosing to act from a love response instead of a fear response. Transparency is the backbone of an Ego-less Relationship. No walls, no bars, no locks… and absolutely no pointing fingers, therefore no miss communications.

This life for me is one in which I’m tying-up karmic loose ends, and will do what ever it takes to bring it to completion. Doesn’t mean that I’m not going to enjoy the experience, or that the love I express is not real. In my perspective unconditional love is so vast that it allows me space to support my partner [or family member, or friend, or… ] through her karmic issues, especially if that means working me out of her system, as she will with me. All paths lead to God, and karma is the block that falls across that path. So the love I feel for her, is that deep spiritual love and need to help her overcome that block. In the same sense I have this inner devotion for myself to overcome the karma that has been presented.

A karmic relationship is where our unbalanced ego has gotten involved in our interactions with other people. When we learn what a dysfunctional ego looks like, we can begin to be more responsible with our emotional reactions, and step into the empowerment of ego-less relationships.
Ending a karmic relationship means that you connect to the beautiful and unique YOU, and in a profound way that wants you to be the master of your own direction. Only you can truly see you, and only you can truly know what you need. When we put the responsibility on someone to provide for us, we have created a situation that will fail, and drama is the result. Acting from personal power is living in empowerment of knowing the direction of your life is YOURS!!! Be in love with someone because they are fun to be with, and not because they complete you. ONLY you can complete you. For anyone else to do that, it’s just a guessing game. So in this, karma shows us what is illusion and what is truth, the illusion is made to be a difficult path to follow, and the truth is made to be easy. 
It’s always your choice to ignore the messages of a karmic relationship, ignorance is bliss. However the truth of it is: the more conscious you become of the history and message of your karmic connection with your partner or yourself, the less easy it’ll become to ignore the actions that must follow. It’s God’s will that we learn and overcome. It’s up to you just when you arrive at God’s front door. Karma is a spiritual language to describe the process of growing into God.
The only one that can love you more than life itself is God, and because his love is not physical we search for it in other people. And karma is here to teach that there is only God. The only true validation comes from Spirit. When we seek validation in people, what we get is a projection from their emotional life experiences. Which is divinely designed to not ever match your truth. Ego shows us what is faults, and Love shows us what is empowerment. And when we have gone as far as we can in the realm of empowerment… we find God.
So the gift of life is to connect to the God within you, that most precious gift that you are… above anything else. When we see and connect to this, we are now empowered with the light of truth.
When we participate in the ego-less relationship, then we are in a relationship of balance and free of bad dysfunctional karma, and if for some reason your emotions become unbalanced, you simply take some alone time or keep quiet until it clears. Bliss in relationships is worth the attention given.
To remove karma from any situation, we move away from the dysfunctional ego, and into a space that supports us standing on our own two feet and living with empowerment. Within that environment we find God/Spirit/Divine…


In the movie “the Holiday”, Iris played by Kate Winslet is in a so-called relationship with Jasper played by Rufus Sewell. This is a classic example of a karmic relationship, and in its end shows one of the many wonderful ways to bring karma to its completion.

* An attachment: is your conditions of love, “if you love me, you’ll do this… “.
* Karma is a spiritual language that describes an opportunity for positive change. Karma Is NOT spiritual energy, karma promotes spiritual energy, for spiritual energy is your inner conscience, or your elevated awareness.
* Overcoming relationship karma means to discover that “you are more precious to yourself, than your lover is to you”. And this standard becomes how you navigate all relationships. Only you know exactly what it is that you need, the other person is just guessing.
* How to burn through karma: When processing emotionally charged issues that we have no control over: By immersing ourselves in the emotion of it without getting caught up in the story of it,  we can then choose to “feel” the experience of it , without engaging in the “expression” of it. By this we burn through the emotional charge, attachment or karma of that connection, and we begin to experience freedom from that issue, person or situation.
* The truth about karma: everyone has it and until you learn how to navigate it, it will pull and tug at you in ways that will keep you guessing. Karma is an intervention by God, and really… the only way through it or out of it is to turn and face it. Karma is your lesson to learn, and because it comes from the Loving Spirit of Truth, there is NO WAY for you to avoid it or dump it on someone else.
A truth about karma, is it’s an issue that belongs only to you. If you have karma with Bill [lover, friend, brother…] whatever the issue is it is yours to work through, “Bill” is only here to show you just what the issue is, and if he has issues with you then that is his work to do. If you step outside the sacred circle of marriage and have an affair, you create the karma of honesty with your fling and the karma of loyalty with your spouse. It’s not about them, it’s all about you because it’s “your karma, your lesson, your healing”. It’s our ego that wants the other person to be responsible for our happiness and our karma, it’s not about them… it’s all on you. [(This is what I call “Hell on earth” even though it comes from pure love.)] The attraction you have is Divinely designed so you will not be able to avoid the lesson. Understanding and learning how to navigate karma is learning how to see the forest through the trees; or understanding the secret mystery of life.
What Spirit is trying to teach us through the lessons of karma, is that we as individuals are very precious and the only true relationship is with God. Any human relationships are a borderline mess. When we live in the empowerment of an ego-less relationship and practice healthy boundaries life comes at us with joy, and when we follow this path off the map… we find God. And that dear one, is us coming full cycle. The closer we are to God, or “the action of God”, the further we are from ego.
* How long does karma last in relationships? It lasts as long as it takes for you to learn the lesson of being responsible for your own happiness, and being responsible for the consequences of your own actions.
* Karma is God’s way of holding us accountable for our own emotional reactions with others – past and present.
* If you are in an abusive relationship, the way out is to openly and often “out loud” express independence from them [gentle yet firm]. And by doing this you step into empowerment. When your expressions are centered; not angry, they are more productive. Read my post Words that Empower, very powerful when we say this to someone who is abusive.
* All karma is in situations that give you that “can’t live without” feeling, or that “can’t live with” feeling in relationships. Being with someone who doesn’t see or understand you is a relationship divinely designed just for you to heal and overcome this issue. To take this precious love you have for someone who doesn’t see you, and give it to yourself instead. This is where we stop being a servant to others and start being a servant to ourselves. When you see your own self in a finer light than anyone else can, then you’ve crossed over into personal empowerment. And once you’ve crossed over, the relationships that you allow in your life, will treat you the way you do for yourself or better. Anytime someone treats you from a place of “less than”, then a boundary is created. Read my page on Boundaries and Personal Power.
* Understanding karma gives us the knowledge and wisdom to navigate incarnations more quickly, and when we take this inner work to heart we discover short-cuts in the path leading home to God.
* Navigating karma requires one to pay attention, gently doing your inner emotional work [letting go of anger, guilt, shame or… and creating peace within yourself, about any given situation that pushes your emotional buttons], and surrounding yourself [not them] with empowerment. Karma takes us away from, or out of balance with self empowerment. And as we learn to surround ourselves with self empowerment, we draw in relationships or situations of balance!
* Gay men are learning how to navigate and process emotional/sensitivities.
Gay women are learning how to navigate and process power/emotions.
* Karma doesn’t care whether you want to do this or not. Your soul needs to learn this lesson to overcome this issue, and have this experience so it can take the next step along its journey.
* The truth in all of this is that karma is every where, it’s a description of the process of learning. It’s when we get caught up in the finer details in such a way that it holds us back from living, then we know we are taking this all too seriously.
To make a relationship work takes focus and attention. Love and passion are something that needs nurturing and space to grow, all relationships need breathable space; time together and time with friends. Keep talking about the things that matter, pay attention to the things that don’t work, and continue asking yourself “what is it that I can do with you, that is positively different from yesterday”?

Q & A
* Why do people get into karmic relationships? By choosing to identify with the ego, we look away from God [ego and God are complete opposites]. Karma teaches us that “there is only God”. All relationships are karmic in nature, every relationship has something to teach you, every emotional interaction creates the opportunity to respond from either fear or love. Either we are identifying with the ego-self or with the god-self.
* Do affairs create bad karma? YES they do very much. The only way that it won’t, is if all people involved are aware of each other, and willing to share… and checking with everyone is something you do before the affair. Read the post The Cave of Darkness.
* Is it possible to clean karma after infidelity? Yes, it’s done through forgiveness, and something that takes time. Read my page Manifesting ones World, in there is a section on “forgiveness”.
* Karma and men with huge ego’s. Karma is holding you up in the face of this man, what will you do to protect yourself, and not shrink into the corner? Karma is holding you up until you find your personal power; your ability to stand on your own two feet, with sturdy balance in the face of this dysfunctional ego. And sometimes finding this balance means acting out your independence. This person with their huge ego is here as a “soulmate” to help you to choose truth over illusion, how to be a better person, and how to stand up to them and everyone like them.
* Does walking away end karmic ties? No, it’s more than just that. It’s more about you stepping into your independence, and becoming your self-empowerment. [example] Walking away from Bill because he’s a bully isn’t enough, learning the lesson and stepping into your power, is. This in turn elevates your vibrational frequency, and removes the target on your chest. When your self worth is low so is your vibrational frequency, bullies will only go after those with low self esteem. Step into empowerment and elevate your frequency. Bully or not, self empowerment is the action part of one’s elevated vibrational frequency. Karma is the opposite of God, and God is the higher frequency.
* Do places hold karmic energy? No. People do… Countries of people, States of people, towns of people, communities of people, you and I, him and her.
The energy of our emotional charge; that anxiety we feel while moving through our emotional issues; that energy in frequency is what gets embedded in a place. This energy can be cleansed and removed, read my page House Clearing or Can Spiritual Energy be Connected to an Item .
* How to pursue someone you are said to be karmically linked to? If pursuing them is easy, then you’re meant to heal the karma through generosity and loyalty. If it’s a difficult path to follow, then you’re meant to heal the karma through self-love and self-empowerment.
* Earth is where we come to work out our karma? Yes. Karma is in all the realms, all 14 realms. Earth is the most dense with the lowest vibration. Because it’s the physical realm, we get to learn how to navigate out of ego and suffering, and into God and abundance. Because of the low vibration of Earth our life lessons are louder, and therefor we move through our karmic lessons faster.
* How do you know I have balance or karmic connection? A karmic connection comes with the feeling of “I must have, can’t live without” or even “can’t live with” feeling attached to it. A less-karmic connection is like two strangers looking at the same painting, then sharing something unique about it, and then parting ways. A karmic connection is one in which you have invested time, energy and emotions with that person. A less-karmic connection is free, the connection is there simply because you both are looking in the same direction. The chance’s of you having a less-karmic relationship are pretty small.
* Why can’t I let him go? Simply put: because you have a lesson to learn with this person. The moment you do the “right” thing, you will feel the chapter close. It helps to understand this process consciously so you don’t repeat it, however it’s not required.
* What is a karmic match? It’s a situation in which your lessons match theirs, and can create the opportunity for a gentle passage through the lesson.
* Is heavy attraction for someone karmic? Yes.
* Can a relationship bring karma into your life? Well, how do you treat each other throughout the relationship? Is there abuse of any kind going on? There is karma with another person, and there is self karma. They both come from responding without compassion either to each other or to yourself.
* Committing suicide is where we have been believing in the voice of the ego, so much so that we are willing to kill the physical self. From this great illusion is where we get our wires crossed, we think we need a physical death when in fact what we need is an emotional death… an old part of our emotional self needs to fall away [emotional patterns that no longer serve], so we can create new productive ones. Reincarnating after a suicide lands us Right back into the same situation in which we left!!! The short-cut is to face the empowerment that you are. It’s not about being right, seen, heard or in control, it’s about having the space to be the beautiful and unique person you are. When we choose to listen to the voice of the ego, we can learn to be a very successful victim. And when we choose to listen to the voice of love, we will learn what it’s like to live in empowerment.
* Why do karmic relationships hurt? Because if they were consistently warm and fuzzy you would not want to move to change. Mental and emotional pain pushes us to move toward growth and wholeness within ourselves in very profound ways. When you connect to self-value; self-worth, emotional pain becomes shorter and shorter, because this self-worth has you standing in your personal power. A place where we begin to experience what it’s like living in empowerment. When we connect to self-worth in this profound way, those who treat us in a painful way get pushed out of our lives. Therefor the experience of emotional pain becomes shorter and shorter, and the lesson is learned and the karma is resolved.
* What to do if we have karmic relationships with the whole family? When in a group setting not everyone will have the same karmic connections; the reasons for those connections, we can usually tell by the issues we’re running from, or that which we avoid. However, a blanket approach will always describe a need for each one to step into their power. Stepping into personal power is done by practicing boundaries [read my page on Boundaries and Personal Power] and creating healthy space for clear and honest communications. Personal power is not about being right or bullying the other into submission, it’s about You creating healthy boundaries that allows you space to breathe deep and grow in the direction your called to go.
* Whats a non karmic relationship? Every emotional interaction in this physical realm is karmic. Karma is a way of describing “life finding balance which leads us away from ego and back to God” and our true authentic selves. The closest thing to a non-karmic relationship is an ego-less relationship, and that takes time, energy, attention and practice in being responsible with your ego. This kind of relationship requires both to play; it takes 2 to make this work. Let go of ego and embrace love.
* Types of karmic relationships? How many grains of sand are on a beach?  Karma is cause and effect resulting from our inappropriate actions with people, and as we learn to correct the pattern… we find balance. We don’t go from a babbling idiot to a saint. Each person’s karmic path is completely unique, according to what it is that, that person needs to learn for their soul’s journey. Most karma paid in this life comes from the inappropriate actions of a past life, however 2013 is the beginning of instant karma [a much shorter return of inappropriate actions coming back at you, for the lessons and opportunity for balance].
* How do you figure out a karmic lesson with another person? Look at the quality of attachment you have with the person, level of love you have for them, is it that “gotta have”, “can’t live without”,”can’t live with”, is it a deep friendship where you have strong loyalties, or are you someone who protects and holds yourself in high regard above all else? All these signposts and more will begin to paint a picture of the amazing path you find yourself on and the healing that must follow.
* What is my karmic relationship trying to teach me? That which you don’t want to face; what you’re avoiding. Everything that pushes your emotional buttons, and when we don’t turn and face those issues, they become situations we must go through to arrive on the other side… at resolve.
* Do all karmic relations end in breakups? No. It all depends on the lesson and reason you’re in this in the first place, how long will that take, because it can take just a moment or a lifetime.
* Should you go back to a karmic relationship? Is it abusive?  If you have a need to go back, then it’s not finished. If the other person doesn’t see or understand you the way you hoped, then it is a one-sided karmic relationship, and going back will put you through more unnecessary pain. Your peaceful way out is self forgiveness, and you don’t need them to do this process.
* What if I choose not to do the work, or look at the karma?
* What if a person commits suicide from a karmic relationship? Then they will be back to finish the work.
* Does karmic love ever end!? Only by your choosing. To see only, and connect to the loving God in all it’s forms will end the cycle.
* How many times can you be in the same karmic relationship? As often as it takes to learn the lesson. God wants you to connect to the value and precious gift that you are, in such a way that That inner worth is always held in Light.
* Is it okay to reconnect after a karmic relationship ends? As friends yes, as lovers no. If you heal karmic bonds with someone then go back and end up having sex, it’ll be like the healing never took place. A physical attraction you can not avoid is Karma with attachment. Karma is God’s way of keeping you accountable for your actions, attachment is like a belief system that may not serve you. When our love attractions are blinding and we have attachments to people who no longer serve us, then those actions become destructive for our personal development and our life begins to resemble a mess.
* Can we stay in a karmic relationship if we want? Yes! And when Spirit feels it’s time for your growth to move forward, they will step in and provoke change. All human relationships are divinely designed to move you forward in your personal growth, in the direction of wholeness. Karma is a way of describing that growth. There is the simple in-your-face lesson, and there is the hidden more-refined-details of a lesson. Karma is the reason we love, the reason we hate, and the reason for pain. Karma can be the story, however, as the humans we are, we have a tendency to get caught up in story and forget why and where we’re going.
* Is karma responsible for unsuccessful relationships? Yes, our egos can create quite the mess and we call that mess “karma”. Karma is the reason for every bump and glitch along the road of relationships of any kind. The fun begins when we take the time to discover why, and how to correct it. Karma’s not a bad thing, it’s an opportunity for growth, to understand more than what we think we are.
* Should you consciously break a karmically linked relationship? Yes, by joyfully following the direction of your own path. If you find yourself in a steep karmic relationship, and you step out without resolving the issue. Then you’ll just be dragging that lesson into the next relationship. For the most of us: karma teaches us how to live in empowerment while in a relationship.
* Do we need to close all karmic relationships? Only the one’s in which you’re ready to release, or the one’s that cause you pain and trouble. This is your life, how do you “want” it to unfold? “The desire of your design can be fulfilled”.
* How to know when it’s time to end a karmic relationship? When you’re done with the ride and you want to get off that merry-go-round. Karma does moves faster when we’re looking at it. However, it doesn’t matter if we’re looking at it or not, it has a natural flow towards resolve.
* Can a karmic relationship turn into a karmic free relationship? Yes, by actively practicing an ego-less relationship. This relationship is non traditional, and may change your life in all directions very dramatically. This path is work at first, it takes focus and attention, and knowledge of how ego interferes in our lives. Read page on Boundaries and Personal Power. Also read page The Ego-less Relationship.
* How to break a karmic relationship? Through forgiveness for yourself and or others, connect to your self-worth in such a way that you love yourself first before you love another person, and the love that you do give to another is the overflow of love you have for yourself. In other words, make yourself first. What makes a relationship a karmic one is that we have [from a place of imbalance] placed the other person first. I know we’re taught this from the beginning, this is ego… this action comes from fear, fear of losing or rejection. Connecting to self-worth insures that everyone that you become involved with shows a similar quality of love. Otherwise it becomes a deal-breaker; or that which breaks down trust.
* How do you know if karma is resolved? It has a completed feeling to it, like a weight has been lifted from you, or you have an inner knowing that you will not have to go through this again. The attraction melts and fades. When you step into your power and out of an abusive relationship, you know the karma is complete when you’re no longer having those kind of relationships. Every time karma is resolved your energy vibration accelerates into a higher frequency, then the abundance of prosperity flows easily and effortlessly showing us that we have overcome a karmic obstacle.
* What happens when a karmic circle has completed? You will connect to compassion with that person in a very profound way. Having compassion instead of intense attraction is a sign of completion. When you finish a cycle with one person, there will be another to fill in that space. As long as you are in the physical body karma will always be there to keep you moving forward.
* “How to stand in your power is about how to live in empowerment”. If you know what it is you want in a relationship, it’s up to you to navigate your way to it. Standing in your power is you taking charge of your own happiness, and making sure you get your needs met. Giving up our power is giving up the control and direction of our happiness to another person. Karma is the sign that we are crossing that line in giving up our power. All karmic issues are guidelines to bring us back into being the navigator of our own happiness… as a co-creator with God. And NOT a co-creator with your partner.
She/he has a relationship because she wants to have fun is life, not because she needs a man. She does not need a man to be happy. And her/his true love is God.
The best way to learn about karmic relationships in all it’s finer details, is to have a personal clairvoyant reading with someone who is good at looking behind the veil, and seeing the spiritual inner connective relationships between people. Because a karmic connection can be as unique as your finger print, as well as the path to the healing.

By asking questions of karma we step into a new light, “a soul-mate is a classmate in the school of soul”. Peering through this window we see karma as a path in the realm of Soul… an understanding coming together for the progression of our souls journey.

Clarity’s blessings be along the path of which you follow.

If you want this to be your last life on Earth, if you want to end all karma no matter what soul age you are, and if you want the short-cut in returning home to God. Have the practice of seeing God in EVERYONE. Learn the lesson of compassion.
Learn to walk away from hate, and learn to love instead of fight.
If there are people in your life who push your emotional buttons, and the only true path through that relationship is forgiveness… forgiveness without judgement. And if all else fails and you still can’t get past the conflict, then step away from them and away from the situation.
*Quantum Forgiveness
When You Feel Judgement To Yourself: I am spirit, my body is only an illusion, it has nothing to do with what I really am.
When You Feel Judgement To the Other Person: You are spirit, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released.
Repeat this as often as the feelings arise, let this become a mantra in your mind.  From the book series -”Course in Miracles”
Reading the book –The Course in Miracles will help to open your mind and move you faster along this path.

Because karma is a spiritual expression, we can either choose to get very involved in the navigation of it, or we can just let it all go, and the work of the subconscious will continue to march us forward on its own.

My blessings to you…