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Recognizing a behavior that no longer serves, tracing that back into a belief system, then daring to believe in something different. So all this starts just by changing your mind, and daring to believe in yourself.
A belief is a habit of thought, one to which we observe an action by another person over and over again , until we believe it to be true. Or we hear something from someone to whom we hold in high regard, and we believe in them more than we believe in ourselves. So we take on their truth and disregard our own.
There is a time and a place to believe in what others say, however, the journey will always cycle back to the Self [you]. In connecting to “the unique you” or “the empowerment that you are”, how do you feel about your belief on other people’s ideas? Change a belief by caring more about the way “you feel” about “your truth”, than you do about the truth or facts that you are observing in others. This is about you connecting to You, it’s easy to believe in what others say over what you feel. So lets turn this around. Tell the story of what you want it to be; what do You want, different from what others think? Read it over and over. Soon you begin to believe in your own story, then you’ll see/feel your vibration shift, and you’ll know that your belief has changed. When we change a belief to match our own truth, we ascend into the flow and come into alignment with the gift that we are.
* In reflection of the Abraham – Hicks works.

Everyone on the planet is capable of doing this. It takes work with focus and attention to see beyond that which you have been taught, and determination to connect to your own truth. Your truth is the direction of your own calling… in every situation. This truth is the action of compassion from conviction. Then life has this natural flow, ease and natural rhythm.
My blessings to you…