How can we heighten the vibration of a home or space, to bring in that yummy secure feeling? How can we create a castle from a shed in the vibrational world, from a low vibrational frequency to the highest possible, and what are the benefits of it all? I’ve worked in areas that have had a lot of drama, trauma and emotional unrest, and in just 3 days the energy and the feeling about the place had changed dramatically. Then the whole neighborhood started showing signs of shifting. Fortunately there are many little things we can do to create great changes, from the simple to the complex, the choice is always ours.

When we buy a home or rent a place, what is the intention upon entering the space; what does this home represent for you at this time? Before settling in I like to smudge a place with a stick of white sage [a little goes a long ways], to release emotional grief from people who have lived there in the past, and to give myself a fresh new start. As I walk from room to room with the focus of love leaving no door unopened, removing energy and experiences of old to make space for new beginnings [read my page on House Clearing]. As you enter the home introduce yourself one room at a time, as you look in every corner, bring love and gratitude in as you set up, settle in and take ownership. Declare the space yours out loud, “this kitchen is mine, as it will feed and nurture me with joy”. The space of each room has something to offer, even when each person will create a different nest.

A clean space creates a harmonious space, and the energy of Feng Shui moves freely in an uncluttered space. There are many simple things one can do in the area of Feng Shui, and still having it look like your place. A small jade plant opposite the front door will bring abundance into the home. A mirror at the end of a hallway will keep abundance from piling up and going stale, or just leaving the doors open a lot, so the energy can flow through, around and back out. Energy like a river wants to move, however we don’t want things like money to go out the window.

Color is another wonderful way to bring in energy and high vibrations into a home. Color that has light and life reflecting in it brings in joy, like a fresh bouquet of flowers, and will give that essence to your experience. An accent wall is to paint color on just one wall, like a deep red behind the bed… the color of passion. To bring that energy/expression and essence into that room. To paint the whole room that color may be a bit over powering, and may not embrace the calmer emotions of say… Intimacy.
The outside color of a home will also project an experience of what that place represents for you. Dark colors are for protection, while lighter, brighter colors like yellow are for nurturing. Pastels absorbs energy and can be great in a space like in an airport, where the energy is in excess. Or in a large bright powerful room, the colors of the furniture can be pastels to absorb some of that excess energy. Otherwise it can be difficult to relax in such a space. If your a person who needs a lot of energy, and who hangs out with high-energy people hoping some of that will rub off on you. If you surround yourself with bright colors, you’ll get that same experience.

Sound is another that creates environment. Some have created music that’s designed to change the vibrational essence of a space, like the works of Marcey Ham, or Hemi-Sync to name some of many. Crystal bowls and other bells can be fun, and of course wind chimes. Nature sounds, or music without voice… Harmonious sounds.

Painting with light comes through the intentions of the designer, which creates stronger environmental influences. Plants bring in life, crystals will project a fresh feeling… Stones can be grounding, moving air, a heat source, a water fountain… Fresh flowers, bright warm colors… Personal development, meditation, clean mind… There’s high vibrational food and low vibrational food, preparing food with love, natural fabrics… Invite spiritual guides and guardians into the space, angels, saints, faeries…  Burn incense, smudge white sage, natural smells… Continuous quiet vibrational music… Feng Shui, or sacred geometry… Upgrade your home… How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?
There’s so much one can do to change the essence of a space. If you have a ghost in the house, raising the vibration of the space will help to move them out, and send them where their meant to go. Continue on Toolbox.
Ghosts are drawn to low vibrational places like bars, pubs and saloons, and at this point in time there are very few bars that are bright and sunny. By changing the vibrations around us, we bring in light and love, and in-so-doing change the circumstances of our relationships and the overall quality of our lives.

To me, everything is sacred, and everything has Presents… As in an empty cup waiting to be filled. As we put our time and energy into a place, it begins to vibrate the essence of the quality given, and in-turn gives back.
If the space is treated as a crash-pad, than that’s all it’ll ever be. If the space is your sanctuary to retreat to, than it will reflect that sweet essence. A house that has been loved and cared for shows it in all it’s forms. A home in which one is active with a spiritual practice, is a space that others find safe.
As spiritual as I can be, I tend to relate to my living space as a sanctuary. Two or three Energy wheels set up in thoughtful places around the space. These wheels have everything to do with frequency, vibration and influence. Creating and activating a wheel changes the vibrational frequency of that location, bringing forth an influence that wasn’t there before. When the vibration of a location has been heightened, the individuals who live in that location will shift to match that vibration. These wheels will also soften the life changes coming at them.

I’ve had fun doing everything on this page and a little more in depth.
Painting with light brings in and creates a high vibration in a home with a strong sense of safety, nurturing and abundance. There is a natural flow and alignment to Source Energy and when a home reflects this quality it becomes a sanctuary and a place of peace. There’s a lot one can do when we have a tool box filled with ideas like these.

Simply put: this post describes simple ways to get the most from your personal environment, that will also nurture your spiritual path, brighten your awareness, create space and freedom to breath deep, so the heart can dream.

May blessings be the gift, that pave this creative path of your design.

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