010When we connect deeply to something, like dancing or… although we don’t “feel” good at it, this simply means that we have been a master at it. Or if we look at something beautiful and amazing, and not something we’re interested in doing, then we’ve not ever done it in any of our past lives. Say it’s singing, and you were a master at singing in your past life. Then you come into this life with a crackling voice, and you say “I want to… I just don’t feel good at it”. If you came into this life with everything that has been mastered, then you wouldn’t do what you came here to do, and master something new….

The inner master
The ability to come into alignment with truth [on any subject], and come into alignment with God is something most people can do. Because it’s all about focus, to become one with. The part that makes one powerful is the ability to remove ego [to no longer have the need to be right, heard or in control], and that mixed with the miles of experience.