007I talk about flow quite a bit in my blogs, and what that all means in relation to abundance, life, relationships, and Spirit. Overall, flow is the natural order. Being in the flow is following that path you’re meant to follow, and being connected to the now – right Now. When we are in the flow, we are confronting and pushing through our life issues, and we feel good – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Choosing to feel good, we are pre-paving for how we will feel tomorrow. The flow is where clarity of thought and clarity of action comes from. When we have stepped off of that path, and out of that flow, we feel bad. We are fighting with our life issues, with people, and fighting against the flow. All rivers lead to God, to Source Energy, or whatever your spiritual language is. Every time we feel bad, for whatever reason, we at that point have the opportunity to shift, and choose to feel good. By making this choice to feel good, and step back into the flow, then life or the situation begins to move again, and before you know it… it’s passed. As long as we are in the body, conflict will always come about. It’s how we choose to go with it, that matters.
In this country (USA) it’s easy to feel poor me, and we make a career out of being the victim. We love pitty-parties so much that we have pitty clubs. That’s where people gather and share their bad feelings, and support each other with contests to see who’s got it worst. This all goes against the flow, and keeps us stuck in those patterns.
The fascinating part of this for me, is the longer we stay in the flow, the shorter the path becomes along that journey of returning home to God. Then overall makes the ride more fun… puts us back into the drivers seat.