I’ve been working in the field of energetics, influence, subtle shift, vibration, and manifestation… “you know, the little pieces”. When we get deep into a field of study, we begin to see connections and interactions that most overlook. Here is just an example:

When we’re trying to convey an idea to someone, and we’re having a difficult time in finding the words. This means the other person’s receptors have not leafed out enough to receive that information, in-other-words they’re not ready to understand the concept you’re trying to convey. It can be like trying to teach trigonometry to a 2nd grader, when you’re the 8th grader… they are just not ready to hear it. [There’s no judgement in this, it’s just a matter of “what is”.] Often-times-than-not if we were to search around, we will most likely find a more simple way to explain it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them.
The more inner emotional work we do, the more our light-bodies brighten. And pathways in the energetic heart align, allowing it to become more easy to grasp concepts of higher learning. It’s an odd feeling to have, when that other person is someone special to us. Occasionally we may come across situations where they may not ever get it, that’s where it helps to embrace those imperfections, and let it go. In expressing compassion in this situation, we connect to this person from their level of understanding.