ATT0036522If you could look beyond the spiritual veil to the workings of 12/21/12, you might see pure magic, rolling across this land as a wave of intense color, that permeates every spec of existence. Shifting, transforming all shadow into light, crumbling systems of old into dust, only to have new systems of acknowledgement, empowerment, and joy being built in it’s stead. Love has overcome fear in a blaze of glory here on planet Earth. Joyful laughter is heard in all of Spirit’s great halls. As love’s transforming light ripples in a Great wave away from Earth. Touching every planet, every star, every spec, every realm with love’s high vibration. “In a flash of white light, an extravagantly compassionate energy empowers everything in it’s path”. Thank God, this world will not ever be the same.

In the physical world we can expect to experience a little more turmoil, as we overcome and transform old fears, and continue to let go of systems that no longer serve. Each person on earth, has come prepared with all the qualities pre-assembled , to overcome and transcend everything that is meant to come to fulfillment for them. We only suffer when we hide from our fears, from that which is meant to come to fulfillment.

There have been a Lot of visitors who came to Earth from other solar systems, and realms, to step into human form, to be apart of and experience this great shift. Now that it has past, there will be great numbers that will be leaving. “Thank you all for coming, it’s been an honor having you here, and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side”.

Planet Earth is an amazing place, despite the violence expressed, it’s a transformational space. Things happen quickly here, a lot faster than anywhere else. And the contrast between fear and love is greater here than anywhere. It’s been a kick-ass ride !!!