023Above the water falls, I found a place where the stream was lazy and quiet. Moss covered the stones along the edge of the water, and Diamond Willows guard the space. I sit still upon a large flat stone by the stream, in my mind’s eye I entered the field of Source energy [the field of God]. A branch twitches without a breeze, and I feel the presents of joy. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a tiny being coming into view from the brush. My quiet gaze into the water remains, as I open my heart deep and connect to the joy of this union. I touch upon the bliss of this blessing’s rich encounter, and remained present until the arrival of the evening colors.

There are experiences to be found when we step away from the mechanized world of hustle and bustle. Where the heart runs deep in the still waters of a quiet mind. There is magic in this world to be found, if one has the courage to be still where it is quiet.