Things are coming off the hook, with people shooting at each other, and coming emotionally unglued. We’ll go through distress just before we have emotional growth; we have an emotional pinch just before we learn the lesson, so this is what’s happening all around us. 2012 marks the center of this growth curve for us, now we have another 200 years for the pieces to fall into place, before things settle down into the new world. And for each person, this growth curve will be different… we won’t all arrive at the same time.
The expression of love to yourself, or another, and or God is going to be what gets you through this change… emotionally. This practice of reacting from love and gratitude, is just that, a practice. And there’s always something to be found that is loving and gentle, that will ease your transition. This world needs you to be focused and balanced, for as you do your inner emotional work and come into clarity, so too does the world. “The wave”. When you stay emotionally balanced, you make it easy for the next person to do so, and so on. It’s like walking into a store smiling from ear to ear, it’s contagious. We humans naturally strive for peace in our lives. It’s when we’re cornered and pushed do we react with violence.
When we care deeply enough, we will always find a peaceful avenue in our dealings with other people.
Heads-up, this next year [2013] we’re going to see a lot of instant karma, in other words, “what we put out to the world, comes back to us almost instantly”. Issues reflecting accountability and empathy. So be wise in the steps you take, when dealing with people.