2012 is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, and when change happens there is a shift in the field… a shift in our awareness of perspective. What’s changing, what’s awakening in all of us is our telepathy… an answer to our prayers. For telepathy is the ability to perceive the secrets of others, nothing can be hidden anymore. Telepathy is a knowing whether or not this company has integrity or not, or if it’s wise for me to get involved with this person or not. Truly, it’s a very exciting time to be alive.
The pineal gland in the middle of the head is responsible for your inner knowing, ESP, intuition, channeling, healing, your gut feeling, and so on. To keep this gland open and healthy, stay away from ANYTHING that has fluoride in it.
It’s time my friends, to awaken to what we really are, and what we are capable of. The old world is falling away, and we are charting a new course.

Blessings are along this path we follow…