chris 2008009Out of all the trillions of decisions we plow through, there’s one of two choices to make in Any situation that will define who or what we are, the choices to respond from love or from fear. Every decision has a hint of one of these flavors, and from this it charts our course.
The chemistry in our bodies provokes emotions and feelings, and how we choose to react to these emotions makes or breaks opportunities.
Spirit interacts in our lives in creating situations of opportunities for us to learn balance, and in the choices we make will define the lessons presented.
In getting so caught up in our busy lives, we often forget how much of the designer of our own lives we can be, and this can be done through the emotional choices of love and fear. Two simple choices that can mold and manifest one’s life very powerfully, in the direction of shortening or lengthening one’s journey in returning home to God. These two little choices mold and create the flavor of our soul’s journey, they also shorten or lengthen our learning curve; resolve an issue or create more drama.
Love and fear are moving in opposite directions, however, fear has one positive action, and that is to get you out-of-the-way in time. Then there is the fine line between fear and protection, and this is where intention comes in. If your heart intends to respond from protection, and makes the distinction between that and fear, then the outcome Will be different from fear.
If your life has more drama than you want, and your life’s course has created more hardship than you’ve wanted. Then this course may begin to turn that corner for you. You are the designer and captain of your own ship, and you can move it just where you want it to go just by paying attention to choices.