028 An amazing relationship, the first one experienced in this life of possibilities realized. My first relationship without sticky karmic drama; without those difficult lessons to learn. We are both intuitive healers, and as healers we’re “on” a lot, as in healing each other… Listening, tuning in, and channeling for each others clarity. Moving around obstacles at light speed, discussing spiritual law [not human’s idea of spiritual law], going directly to the root of a problem, and shifting awareness as to stay in clarity of balance. We don’t live in the same house together, because the energy between us is so intense we needed a lot of off time. Having a separate living space is SO essential for happy emotional space. Honoring the emotional processing space and time is something the young person sees no value in, until it’s too late. This value system creates volumes of trust when that processing time and alone time is honored.

Any discussion we have, we are able to see each others thought forms, and therefore have no games, no secrets, no hidden agendas, no judgements, and no miss-communications.
She will share an incident of a near death experience, and I will look into her mind’s eye and see where she went. She will describe Heaven/Summerland, and I will be able to see her experience. She is also able to see into my thoughts, as I’m trying to explain a perspective and thought process. She helps me in amazing ways, especially in ways that helps me to see what and where my gifts are, and then how to apply them. Acts of my gratitude pepper the landscape around her home with blossoms.

Everything shifts and is on its way to someplace, and as this relationship shifts into deeper realms, I see new avenues with greater potentials. Because we each follow the path of the spirit; that North Star of spiritual guidance, where our relationship has become very transparent. Looking through the eyes of Spirit at the reasons of cause and effect, and redefining the path that is followed. Many amazing gifts for both of us has come out of this relationship, and everyone that has come in contact with us have also been touched. Yes there is life in love, and if you have trust in love with gratitude, the relationship simply continues to blossom into different forms.

Her happiness is my happiness, no withholding and no regrets. And being okay with it is being unattached to outcomes and unattached to ego. Spiritual love is acting from a higher awareness/higher self, mindful of alignment with lessons that deepen spiritual awareness. Because love knows no separation. It takes a little bit more trust in diving deep into one’s core, and connecting to that eternal trust; that place beyond ego, that supports the other in finding a renewed love and balance that supports their own inner growth and vitality no matter where it’s found. “This is the ego-less relationship, and a path less traveled”.
What does your compass read?