046When I look at nature, I see repeating patterns, thousands of them. The only thing that changes nature is evolution. Our lives are much the same way… in the collective human experiences we have repeating patterns. Not only in fashion styles, yet also in behavior patterns. History will repeat itself over and over, the difference is how we relate to it. Each time it comes around, we have a choice to have a different outcome. In our personal lives or in world events, the outcome can be very unique. What changes the pattern is our choices between love and fear, all by these choices and active interactions, nothing else creates change so dramatically.

Every time I come full cycle in my understanding, and I come to that place of clarity, then the cycle starts over. The lessons may be different, yet the seasons of cycles remains the same.

Wisdom is knowledge in motion [cycles], and the ripples in a pond touch every corner [the cycles in life touch upon every subject], so be the wisdom [be the grace, be the light that you’re cultivating].